Fish Oil And DHA Benefits

Fish oil is a supplement that a lot of people are talking about recently. Mostly, it’s because of the fact the Standard American Diet (SAD) has become so deficient in healthy omega 3 essential fatty acids, which fish oil is greatly rich in. One of the omega 3s is a compound called DHA.

DHA has a huge role in our everyday health and welfare. Not only is DHA considered brain fuel that assists in boosting mental clarity and thought, it has a extensive range of other critical functions also. DHA has recently started being added into many prenatal supplement vitamins due to recent studies that have shown that DHA during pregnancy is crucial to the healthy development of the baby, and can also have strong benefits to the mother. How does it accomplish this?

DHA has been studied much in relation to depression. People suffering from depression also generally appear to show an absence of DHA in their diets. And since much DHA is used up while pregnant for the development of the child’s brain and central nervous system, this is thought to be one of the largest contributors to postpartum depression.

Not only has DHA shown some good results in battling postpartum depression in new moms, it’s also showing some strong results in battling other types of depression too. It makes sense that when a diet is insufficient in foods that feed the brain, your attitude and mood, and your perspective can all begin to suffer.

Another great benefit of fish oil is that it doesn’t have the same risks that come with eating fish. Fish samples frequently show mercury contamination, and people are wary of eating fish that have come from fish farms. But high quality fish oil is free from that sort of contamination, giving you all the benefits while not having to deal with any of the side effects.

Fish oil is considered one of the finest supplements a person can take.DHA prenatal vitamins are becoming extremely popular, as are dopamine supplements which help boost clarity of thought and brain function.

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