There are drugs to assist you stop smoking may lead to significant psychiatric difficulties

Lately there have been reports of folk that were taking Chantix were experiencing sensations of sudden sleepiness. This influenced their ability to operate machinery or drive.

This inspired the Fed Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) to issue a warning stating the drug might well affect the power to drive a vehicle or operate machinery in a safe way. The Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) also banned the employment of the drug among air traffic controllers and pilots.

Medical care experts have been informed by the FDA to closely monitor any patient who is taking the drug. If you have experienced bouts of sudden drowsiness, then it is critical to report it to your surgeon immediately. You might also need to consider contacting a very skilled team of Riverbank Injuries lawyers if you have developed any of the following symptoms:

– Tried suicide while taking Chantix
– Experienced sudden aggression and have caused injury to others or indeed yourself
– Experienced physical injury from a fall or accident due to vision disturbances, black-outs, fits or any other Problems
– Suffered injury as a result of any abnormal behavior while taking Chantix.

A bunch of court actions have already been filed against the drug company Pfizer, some have achieved success and some are ongoing. The bulk of these cases confirm that the drug company did not warn potential users and indeed the medical profession of the side-effects that the taking of the drug may result in. The litigations also claim the drug company (Pfizer) didn't do adequate research before rolling out the product.

As at 2011, Chantix is still sold and sold in the USA, although there are alerts present on the packet of the probable side-effects. This is a ‘little too late ‘ for the 34 individuals that have died due to the drug and calls for an outright ban are established. If you happen to feel that you or indeed a loved one have suffered thanks to the drug, then it is very important that you contact groups of injury attorney Riverside, who are well capable in dealing with such cases.

Rownie Schuler is an author who values most his healthiness. His article focuses how to quit smoke. This is to call some one’s attention to give up smoking to avoid legal actions. An injury attorney like injury attorney Riverside is his best advisor in sharing good info related to personal injuries.

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