The Unique Scents Of Lancome Poeme Perfume

The history of Lancome is a long and illustrious one. Starting out in 1935 with just five different scents, The brand has grown to include many other feminine beauty products. These include makeup and various skin care products. But throughout the years the company has continued to put out some of the best scents for women. Of these scents the Poeme perfume stands out as a truly unique and wonderful scent to make any woman feel special.

The first perfumes launched by Lancome were the Tendre Nuit, Bocages, Conquete, Kypre and Tropiques. Since then they have produced many different ones which continue to astound women all over the world. Out of these several stand out the most. There Aroma and Climat lines have been very popular through out the years. The Hypnose line is very popular with men and women.

In the year 1995 they launched the very popular Poeme perfume. This fragrance was created by Jacques Cavallier, who is a renowned perfumer, and has work with some of the best and biggest brands on the market. This particular fragrance has a very unique quality that is loved by its wearers. It is a very floral scent but with hints of oriental texture that continues to improve the more it is worn.

The perfumes top notes include the Himalayan blue poppy. This exhilarating flower adds some of its remarkable flavors to the composition. This flower comes across very strongly in the whole scent and gives it a very floral appeal that you notice straight away upon smelling it. It is probably one of the most important scents in the entire pallet.

The middle notes that add to the fragrance are a combination of white and yellow flowers. These are slightly more mild scents that help to accentuate the main notes of the fragrance. Not only do the add to the flowery aroma as a secondary base, they also add a slightly citrous hint that gives it a uniquely bitter and sweet smell that is hard to pin down.

Finally you notice a subtle base of spicy aroma created by the slight hints of vanilla, amber, and cedar. These scents give it that unique bitter and sweet aroma that makes it such a wonderful and timeless fragrance that will please any woman. This is truly a work of genius, created by a company know for their high quality and devotion to creating the best for their customers.

The poeme perfume price changes depending on the size of the bottle. The sizes range from thirty milliliters to one hundred milliliters. The price range is about $60 to $140, but with such a high quality product the price is certainly worth it. Although it is at the higher end of the price range, this will make a great gift for any woman. If you want to read more on Poeme perfume contact us.

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