The Portable Oxygen Machine Of Today

While no one wants to heat that they need a portable oxygen machine the silver lining is that they are so much more convenient than ever before. While they were once rather cumbersome units that had to be dragged around behind the patient they are now lighter, sleeker, and often do not even need their own set of wheels.

While the tanks that you used to see on wheels certainly helped a lot of people live a much more independent life the units that are available now have been well modified. The weight has been reduced significantly so that all that is required is a carrying case that you can put on over your shoulder.

Some of the units will even be carried much like a backpack. They do not look like the traditional types of tanks and they even offer you a longer probability of being out and active. The battery life is often as long as 12 hours, which gives you a lot more freedom than you would think. The battery life can determine exactly what you can and can’t do. Thus, it is important to find the longest lasting batteries possible.

To help increase your level of freedom you can often that a dual battery system is required. With two rechargeable batteries you can be back on the road toward a full recovery much earlier.

Some of the units are going to need to have small but potent tanks that are already filled with oxygen. There are also new units that can transform the room air into the cannula tube as oxygen. Clear any changes you are thinking about with your doctor well before you opt to make the change in units.

Anyone who has ever experienced the frustration of being ill understands that the need to get out into the world is extremely important. Using a portable oxygen machine you will be able to do the things that are within your capabilities. This pass to freedom isn’t available for everyone who has a lung or pulmonary condition. It’s a great gift for those who have been stuck inside and awaiting the presence of other humans in the world.

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