Child Exercise More Effective Than Pharmaceuticals

For many, child exercise and healthy nutrition are no longer the first methods of preventing illness. Pharmaceuticals have become the first choice for many, and it doesn’t help that doctors and drug companies are pushing them at us as often as possible. Now your kids can even take drugs that will prevent future heart trouble. Is this a good option, though?

The American Academy of Pediatrics, Merck & Co. and Abbott Laboratories think so. And not because they’re convinced that drugs like these can save lives and better mankind. They want you and your child to take drugs because it makes them money. Your best bet is to save your money and start practicing child exercise and eating nutritious foods.

Children are becoming less and less healthy, and childhood obesity is escalating. To start becoming healthier, you have to make some changes in your life. You have to adopt healthy habits and remove the unhealthy habits. When children exercise 30-60 minutes a day they are much more likely to maintain a healthy weight and avoid diseases.

In addition, proper nutrition is a must. Kids need to eat lots of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins. Limit the amount of sugar and fattening foods and your child won’t need drugs to overcome illnesses.

Kids develop habits based on their environment. If their kitchen is full of bad snack foods then they will eat them. If their parents watch TV all the time, they will too. So, it a child’s bad habits need to change, the parents must be willing to change too. For the sake of your child’s health, adopt your own healthy eating and exercise habits.

One way to show your kids that you love them is to teach them how to be healthy so they can avoid pharmaceuticals the rest of their lives. Child exercise and good eating will give your kids a healthy start and they will develop habits that stick their entire lives. Kids need healthy direction. They don’t need to learn that whenever there’s a problem a drug will solve it.

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