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I find it hard to walk very far these days as I’m disabled and old, so when I got my Mobility Scooter I was thrilled to get about the city when ever I wanted.

You can see me any day speeding along at 5 miles an hour going all the way to town and back, but when I get back home the scooter is still fully charged for another 40 miles. Once you get on the mobility scooter your not quite sure how far it will go.

Get your friend to travel behind you taking note of his mileometer, as he goes, as this will then indicate how far you can go before the scooter runs out of electric juice and stops.

There’s hardly any maintenance to carry out. Naturally you will plug it in to the mains each night to charge the battery and make sure the tyres are solid. It only takes a couple of minutes to fill up all four tyres in a high street garage.

Its pointless buying a mobility scooter without a user manual, so every distributor provides you with one which you should read first.

As a pensioner I struggled to get to the supermarket, but now with that great big bag on the back of my scooter, I wont be struggling any more.

My Mobility Scooter is an all weather animal but it doesn’t like snow. You don’t want to be sitting on the scooter soaking wet so wearing a poncho cape over you and the scooter seat will keep most of the rain out.

The poncho type cape is very cheap and a must have accessory to go with the scooter for when it rains. If you want total protection from the rain you can buy a Mobility Scooter that you climb into and shut a door behind you just like an ordinary car.

Finding somewhere to keep your new scooter clean and dry is a good idea. At night when on charge, a secure shed would give you piece of mind that the scooter will still be there in the morning when you go to use it.

When you buy a scooter in the UK it usually comes with free insurance and brought to your door on a lorry or van. You have to be insured but don’t have to pay any tax as this is not a road vehicle. Of course at some point on your journey you will have to cross the road but this is OK.

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