The Law Of Success Book By Napoleon Hill

Napoleon Hill’s writings only talked about a part of the Law of Success.Everything he says is true, however it’s not the whole story.To understand how the law worked for the ultra successful men in his book, we have to look at why the law worked for them.

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It worked because they applied the missing First Law, which is use high value information. The men he worked with would not settle for OK information, they expected complete and precise information to base their decisions on. If they were going to succeed, they knew they had to fully understand what they were dealing with and what they had to do to take advantage of it. Henry Ford knew his limitations and hired a team of experts to keep him informed.

Change brings challenges: Life brings challenge but you prefer to take your steps inside the comfort zone to decrease the strength of challenge. Remember, once your comfort zone was not that comfortable at all, you get used to it, and you can also do it with different circumstances. Dealing with challenges is not different from dealing with change. The only difference is change includes more than one challenge.Transition period is the worst part of change. When life throws you around, keep your focus on your goals until the sun begins to show its face.Change brings discomfort whether it is good or bad.Complaining is can be a way of dealing with change but not the best. Complaining keeps your mind stick to what is gone and wastes all its energy to find out the ways to go back. Despite complaining about the new circumstances and for the good old days, you should spend that time and energy planning for success. Feeling blue connects you to familiarity. Maintaining a positive attitude will open you to what is a novel and different opportunity.

They rearranged and changed their lives by assimilating the information of being successful. They surrounded themselves with information about being wealthy, they felt wealthy, they associated with wealthy people and all things wealthy. They became wealthy.

Napoleon Hill mentioned using Knowledge accumulated by others to develop power. He also briefly described how we are affected by the people we are around and the environment we live in. He didn’t go far enough in understanding and explaining the importance of our information environment. He assumed that his book was all the information that anyone needed. That wasn’t correct. How to evaluate good information from bad, how to find good information, how to use good information to define your goals clearly and how to develop a view that activates the other laws of success all fall within the realm of the First Law- Information. Without the First Law, we don’t have a clear idea of what we want and have no hope of changing anything.

Napoleon Hill’s work originated from observation. He watched extremely successful people and recorded their understanding of how they succeeded. He was a great observer. He could define principles from key points. He asked very concrete questions and got very practical answers. What he didn’t write about was what knowledge they had. To be more precise, he didn’t examine what information these men had been exposed to and used on a daily basis. Information is what everyone builds their world-view on. The type and quality of the information is what conveys the picture of the reality we live in. The quality of the information used by those men was very different from the information of the average person. Even if they didn’t come from a rich family, they saw the importance of learning how rich people thought, acted and conducted business. Understanding how information works and how to transform it into knowledge is critical in applying the Law of Success.

The great men in Hill’s book created magnetism in their lives, which attracted what they needed. These men, in essence, performed magic and totally transformed themselves.Information is the First Law of Success. Use impeccable information as your foundation.

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