The Importance Of Omega 3 Supplements

There have been an enormous amount of scientific studies regarding the benefits that Omega 3 fatty acids have to offer. In all cases, it has been concluded that there are significant benefits regarding the health of the heart, skin and joints. Additionally, the most recent studies have shown these fatty acids to be beneficial for memory function as well as a person’s overall emotional health.

Healthy circulation and cardiovascular function can be obtained through taking supplements rich in these essential fatty acids. Just by maintaining the health of your heart you can successfully ad many years to your life. You can also lower your blood pressure and maintain the proper levels of cholesterol in your body.

EPA is one of the main components in these fatty acids, and it has been shown in various studies to be quite effective in the reduction of inflammation in the joints, which no doubt reduces a significant amount of joint pain experienced from such inflammation.

Another major component present in Omega 3 fatty acids is DHA. This highly active ingredient is extremely important to the cells which affect the visual nerves and cells. These building blocks make up a great deal of the body’s retinol tissue, which effects the way that the eyes collect light.

Brain and nerve cells are also affected by these fatty acids in a sense that they support healthy mental activity. In young children, the development of the central nervous system is greatly affected the presence of essential fatty acids. Mental activity is reliant upon the health of brain and nerve cells, which can be supported by the proper balance of fatty acids. There have been recent studies in which children who were administered regular doses of these fatty acids showed significant improvement in their abilities regarding spelling and reading. In addition, the same studies concluded that the right balance of fatty acids in the body will lower tension and stress, leading to a significant reduction in mood swings and depressive disorders.

By building up the cells in your body, these supplements can improve the overall health of your skin. This is to include such skin complaints as eczema and sunburn.

Of course it is important to maintain a healthy diet for many reasons. However, this is even truer because of the fact that your body will not make these fatty acids on its own. The only way to get them is through your diet and by taking supplements. There are certain foods you can eat that are very rich in the essential fatty acids, like salmon, tuna and anchovies. However, you must eat these foods several times a week in order to obtain the right amount of fish oils. In the event that your children do not prefer to eat fish, you may need to offer them a supplement in order for them to obtain healthy amounts of fish oil. There are many reasons why a person will be unable to obtain the proper amounts through their diet, which is why it is so important to take supplements rich in Omega 3 to keep your body as healthy as possible.

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