A Blue Air Air Cleaner Is The Ideal Choice For An Environmental Conscious Customer

Ever since the invention of air cleaners different manufacturers have been trying to come up with more efficient brands that are environmentally friendly. Blue Air air cleaners are among the best air purifiers in the market. They are designed and manufactured in Sweden. Their designs and functionality has made them a popular brand to anybody with respiratory illnesses or a person who loves clean air. Their high rank on the CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) has made them envied for their success in clean air purification.

This rate was developed by the (AHAM) Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers in USA. This was developed to help consumers find if the air cleaners they are about to purchase lessen air pollutants like pollen, smoke and dust. This enables one to track how fast the device works in air purification. The greater the CADR the faster the unit filters.

The size of particles available in the air and the volume of air moving at a particular time are used when computing the levels. To compare two air purifiers designed to function in almost the same environment i. E size of room, CADR is used to check the most efficient system between them. To ensure fairness, equity and efficiency the comparison of any two air cleaners is done using the AHAM.

Some manufacturers of air cleaning devices have decided to substitute the calculation of air exchange through it at a given time by the CADR calculations. Though some of the devices in the market may have the CADR calculations interchanged with the measurement of air volume these two are not the same. The former has more detailed calculations than the later making it a more trusted.

This system is very quiet and may be confused to be off, when actually, it is on. Its imaginative design enables it to achieve very quiet operations. The HEPASilent filters enable them to be barely heard when they are on. This makes them be whisper quiet when operating. The blue light is the only sign that will enable one to know when they are on. These silent filters were designed by the blue air experienced designers.

These filters design has won one of the most prestigious awards in Scandinavia, the Excellence Swedish Award. One can have the designs anywhere in the house or office without worrying about the decor and how they will fit in with the rest of the furniture. They have been designed to fit with the existing decor.

Though the market currently has so many air purifiers, these purifiers rank among the best. Having met the stringent standards of the Environment Protection Agency one will be content using them. They offer very good service without polluting the air.

These systems have been designed in different sizes to allow customers with different needs to access them. For small rooms the blue air 501 is very efficient but customers who intend to use them in larger rooms will find the 601 variant being useful. This has enabled everybody who intends to buy these systems to access them.

The plastics covering these cleaners are environmentally friendly and emit water and carbon dioxide during their decomposition. The metal casting allows them to have an extended life. These devices have a five year warranty that ensures satisfaction of every customer.

Blue Air air cleaner has been a preferred product for many years. Purchase a Blueair purifier by searching on the Web or at your local outlet.

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