The Healing Power of Cupping Can Treat Your Back Pain

Cupping is an ancient Chinese therapy that many of us have heard of but may not be sure of what it actually does. Well the good news is that it can help with back pain relief to injured or tight muscles and improve circulation of the blood. Most qualified acupuncturists are also trained in the art of cupping, whereby glass or plastic cups are placed on the affected muscle by applying suction. They are generally left on from three to fifteen minutes according to the judgement of the practitioner.

Whilst the cups are on the damaged location, the muscle fibres are pulled into the cup by the suction hence helping to loosen up the muscle tissue and alleviating discomfort. If a particular injury has happened, tiny blood vessels inside the muscle fibres will have been ruptured triggering blood to pool inside the muscle and get trapped there developing a form of glue that makes motion even more problematic and uncomfortable, cupping can aid to draw this blood out to the surface area of the skin.

Cupping is also typically employed in the therapy of frozen shoulders and inflamed joints like leg joints, this is simply because, as well as blood, cupping may also draw out body fluids. When either of these is drawn out they don’t emerge in liquid form, but draw darkish circles on the skin where the cups were.

The first time you are cupped you will probably see quite dark circles remaining which last for a few days, and as the treatments are repeated they should become less coloured as the area is healing. Do not be concerned about these marks as they are all part of the healing process, however you may want to dress accordingly for a few days so if you are planning a day at the beach it may not be such a good idea so soon after your treatment.

There are specific conditions for which cupping may possibly not be applicable, these include things like being pregnant, diabetic issues, lupus, haemophilia or any form of blood circulation dysfunction and in these circumstances your specialist or physician will advise you. If you’re averse to the bruising and discoloration effects it may possibly not be the ideal remedy for you either. If you do choose to go ahead ensure you obtain a registered specialist who will talk you through the therapy and evaluate if it really is ideal for your problem prior to beginning any procedure. Personally I feel that in the struggle to obtain back pain relief, having explored the topic extensively, I’m willing to give it a try.

Jan Griffiths blogs about her constant battle with back pain and has extensively researched upper back pain relief. She writes for several internet resources to assist sufferers.

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