When Not To Reuse Building Materials

Whenever we can, we are reusing building materials. However, actually, this is not often possible since there are old buildings that somewhat pose safety risks or they waste energy or water. Do your research to avoid problems in the future. Some factors to consider:

* Lead. Widely applied right up until 1978, lead paint is primarily an issue in the event it forms dust or flakes (this would eventually cause dry sanding or scraping). Old plumbing fixtures (faucets) most of the times has leaded brass and lead solder, too, which will eventually could leach into our drinking water.

* Asbestos. This well-known carcinogen was used in many building products, particularly from the 1940s until the 1970s. More aged components that could consist of asbestos include things like 9? square flooring tiles and also older sheet vinyl flooring, “popcorn” textured ceilings, roofing and siding, window glazing compound, ductwork insulation, and vermiculite insulation.

* Mercury, PCBs, and arsenic. Outdated thermostats, “silent” light switches together with those that have internal lights, and many types of bulbs and fluorescent tubes contain various amounts of mercury. Pre-1978 fluorescent light fixture ballasts might have carcinogenic PCB (polychlorinated biphenyls).

* Used lumber meant for structural applications should be professionally re-graded to meet local building rules. When in doubt, select salvaged lumber for non-structural applications just like interior non-bearing walls, flooring, cabinets, or trim.

* Plumbing and toilet fixtures. All bathrooms made just before 1994 waste huge amounts of water and must not be reused. Older toilets can make use of as much as five gallons or 20 liters for each flush!

* Old showerheads can use 19 liters or 5 gallons of water per minute! New models help save water and supply plenty of shower power.

* Windows. Old single-paned windows and a lot aluminum-framed double-paned windows usually are energy-inefficient. Building codes are not going to allow them to be reinstalled unless of course building energy measurements are carried out & developments in other locations are made.

* Old appliances, furnace, water heaters, and boilers really should only be reused when they fulfill present energy conservation and safety standards.

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