The Foundation Of Excellent Weight Training Program

You’ve seen enough action flicks to know you want the same body as the hero who gets the girl – now you’re taking the next step by enrolling in a gym and getting a weight training program to get you to your goal. Read on to get the best muscle building exercises and facts that will help you understand your body better; effectively putting substance on your workouts.

High intensity and periodization are the two main schools of thought used today for weight training. High intensity workouts are short and very physically demanding, with much of the drills executed until failure. Periodization allows you to get to your destination at a somewhat more leisurely pace of around two to three months. You start at light, then proceed to medium and then high level every couple of weeks. The focus here are the collective gains the body earns at the end of training and not at the end of every session.

The better method if the two is that which is most beneficial for you. This means practice what your body responds best to. Usually it is an integration of both. Only keep in mind that you need to change the drills every few weeks. This is because your body remembers the trauma you have put upon it; and when it conditions itself to anticipate your next move, training will not be as productive as it was. Constantly challenge yourself by using different weights and exercises often.

Aside from weight training, the two other factors you need to concentrate on are rest and nutrition. Now I know they are an unassuming pair and more often than not, new and overzealous trainers put them at the bottom of their priority list. However, you cannot expect the best results without giving proper attention to them. For instance, when you train and put tears in your muscles – rest is what repairs and builds up the tissues to be the bigger and stronger than before. If you train 4 times a week, getting good sleep the rest of the days will benefit you.

For the best muscle building diet, consume food that are rich in protein and carbohydrates. This will fuel your workout sessions and give your body the nutrients it needs as you put yourself through grueling activities. Your calories should come from lean meat, fish, eggs and the like instead of food high in fat content. Also include protein shakes and recommended muscle supplements that will help your body.

Before you start your training, always make it a point to warm up and stretch thoroughly. Doing so prepares your body for the upcoming physical strain and furthermore enhances your performance. Stretching increases the body’s temperature as well as flexibility and blood flow to vital organs in your body. Stretch before, during and after workout sessions.

When you are bulking up you need more calories so do not load up on extreme aerobic training in the beginning stages. That being said, cardiovascular training is important to the health of your heart so never neglect this aspect in your training. As you get closer to your weight objective; increase the frequency and time you allot for aerobic exercises.

Putting together your body’s ideal weight training program is not something you brew today and taste and see tomorrow. Many times there are mistakes along the way, but as long as you keep at it– your ideal body will be coming to find you soon.

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