Top 7 Reasons You Should Play Badminton

Badminton is one of the hottest sports not merely for competition, but in addition for enjoyment in free time. Badminton courts can be found in all community sport centres and local schools or colleges. Even without courts or nets, you may still play badminton in parks or in your backyards if it is large enough.

1. Games for everyone. Badminton can be an energetic pursuit or a light workout, depending on individual choice. For that reason, you could start playing badminton from as early as you could swing a badminton racket, to as old as not being able to move around the court.

2. Social events Badminton clubs are badminton communities. During club nights and matches you may have opportunities to make new friends and catch up with old friends, who are from different backgrounds. Many clubs have social calendars with club fun nights, fund raising and christmas parties organised.

3. Bodybuilding Badminton requires running, jumping, and fast movement, this boosts flexibility and speed. The continual range of motion tones legs, buttocks, arms, shoulders, back and stomach too. It develops strength on arms and legs. After playing badminton for sometime regardless of levels, players will experience improved balance and co-ordination. Increase a bit more intensity of the game can boost upper body strength and core stability. Working and stretching muscles releases hormones that tone and firm the body. Leg and arm movements essential for a badminton match are as repetitive as the movements applied to weight lifting programs, but rather than external weights. The body’s momentum creates its weight training workout. Playing badminton tones your body for a smooth, non-muscular look.

4. Reduce blood pressure and risks of heart problems Hypertensive persons can benefit greatly from playing badminton because it drops the basal heart rate by a few beats per minute plus it minimizes the blood pressure levels significantly. Badminton can be useful for preventing hypertension without resorting to medications and it works well for reducing the dosage of medications needed in more life-threatening cases of hypertension. Playing badminton regularly protects from various heart diseases. It strengthens the heart muscle, keeps the arteries from clogging and causing further health complications. Persons who’ve some form of pre-existing heart problems can also enjoy the use of playing badminton under proper medical supervision that will not put any additional stress on their endurance levels.

5. Increase bone density Osteoporosis is a symptom in in which the bones become loose because of interactions between your hormones in the body, the forming of bones and also the cells that dissolve bones. Persons struggling with osteoporosis have reduced bone strength and that means that it’s very simple for them to sustain bone fractures. Playing badminton helps those affected by osteoporosis since it helps the activity on the cells that form bones plus it helps assimilating the calcium within the bone matrix, which makes it strong. Regular badminton can reduces risks of various cancer as well.

6. Cholesterol balanceInside our body, total cholesterol, triglycerides, low-density lipoproteins (LDL) and extremely low density lipoproteins (VLDL) are bad cholesterols and high-density lipoprotein (HDL) may be the only good cholesterol. Regular badminton exercises help reduce the levels of bad cholesterol and boost amounts of good cholesterol in the body. Bad cholesterol is simply not great for your health as it enlarges the arteries, which might lead to heart attacks and strokes. The reduction of bad levels of cholesterol provides health advantages on a number of levels.

7. Weight-loss Badminton will also help overweight people in lessening fat and taking on weight optimal because of their age and height. This occurs just because a person burns significant amounts of calories and prevents them from piling up as fat and further increasing the burden. A 70kg man burns up as much as 497kcal per hour. Regardless whether it is an aggressive or non-competitive badminton game. Put together with proper diet, the optimal weight reduction can be achieved.

If you think you want to start playing badminton now, you should start getting your first badminton rackets now.

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