An Automated Front Desk Assistant System Must Support Synchronization With Mobile Devices And Outlook Express

To simplify lives is the goal of technology. Technology helps us save time, energy and money. A simple application, when used properly, may promote efficiency in the workplace and increase profits without requiring additional work done.

In a medical setting, patients can really become very demanding. Doctors are usually expected to be available and attentive at all times. There is no room for mistakes. Being not available is tantamount to being careless, which creates an impression to our clients that we are not worthy to be trusted when it comes to their heath and welfare.

Several medical offices now have a front desk secretary that allows doctors to stay connected with their patients and their practice all the time. A medical software system is able to perform the tasks of up to four administrative assistants and support your medical staff in the conduct of a lot of time consuming tasks.

A front desk receptionist is the one in charge of the scheduling and management of the activities of a doctor every day. This program is capable of handling patients online, allowing them to create appointments and meetings through customized web forms available on a health clinic website. It can edit and cancel appointments as well as send e-mail, SMS and call patients for appointment reminders. It also includes a web scheduler or an appointment request web form available to the clients that can be accessed from the web to check out the availability of healthcare professionals.

There are two ways on how doctors are reminded of their appointments. A a front desk assistant can synchronize with the computers of a health center and transfer all collected data to the doctor’s or the medical receptionist’s computer who will streamline this appointments accordingly. This system though very highly innovative only allows the doctor to view his daily schedule when he has a computer with him.

But what if they are walking in the street or buying food at the supermarket, yet need to check the online scheduler status in order to avoid standing their patients up? Well, thanks to the latest updates, staying connected with your business all the time is now possible.

SyncML support in your smartphone will allow you to download information from your backup medical secretary without the need of logging in to the receptionist system software. Now doctors can view their patient list and view appointment schedules using their iPhone and Blackberry. Planning you daily activities to optimize a doctor’s time has never been this easy. For Google Android users, the administrative secretary application has also been connected to this operating system to let everyone enjoy and fully utilize this superb feature.

If you’re using a computer that has a third-party application called Funambol installed on it and if you wish to access your calendar and patient data from MS Outlook, then you’d be pleased to know that the automatic office assistant also synchronizes with this Microsoft mail client via Funambol/SyncML.

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