The Designer Skin And How It Helps

Many people are looking for the best appearance they can attain. For some this means having a bronze tan that makes them look darker and sexier for others to see. There are a number of methods they can do this. Some people spend the day at the beach under the hot sun to get a beach look, but there is another method that allows a person to stay inside and achieve similar results. These people develop a Designer Skin that replicates those found from being in the open.

How this works is that the lights in the booth mimic the sun and lotions help to get the glow one desires in their epidermis. There are many different kinds of lotions that can be applied to the body to get the type of tan one wants. They can obtain a deep textured one, or they can get a lighter color that makes them look better.

These lotions are made with ingredients that should help the skin. Even under the best of conditions a tanning process dries the epidermis. This dryness can lead to the dermis flaking and losing the tan.

One thing the lotion will do is restore some of the moisture that is lost. The ingredients help to strengthen to ability of the skin to resist drying out. This helps one to keep the tan they have worked hard for last longer.

They have made these products to appeal to either a man or a woman. Special fragrances are deigned for each sex. Even the package the lotions come in have been made to appeal to the different sensibilities.

Many people are looking to gain that seemingly healthy look of being an active outdoors person. They want the appearance that one gains by working and playing in the sun all day while limiting the potential damage this sun exposure can cause to the body. With Designer Skin, one may achieve the look they want under controlled circumstances.

You can find a brief summary of the reasons why you should use Sun Labs’ designer skin tanning lotion and claim your free sample, today.

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