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Although acne is generally a hormonal condition, which means that it mainly affects people in their teenage years, it can occur at any age. The condition itself leads to red inflammation, which can cause a significant dent to a person’s self confidence. However, when the problem is sufficiently serious, it can lead to scars, which means the aftermath of a potentially temporary break out can linger for years. To help with this issue, there are clinics that offer acne scar removal Scarborough has available.

There is a myth that the condition is a result of poor or improper hygiene. Although bacteria is involved in the process, in most cases it is actually caused by too much sebum (more commonly referred to simply as oil) on the skin.

This excess of sebum binds with shed skin cells and pollutants to block the pores. People whose skin cells shed improperly are also at risk because difficulty in exfoliating shed skin can also increase the risk of blocked pores, which will in turn increase the risk of a break out.

A type of bacteria called ‘P Acnes’ lives on every persons skin, in normally non-harmful quantities. However, this type of bacteria prefers an oxygen-free environment to grow. Blocked pores provide the ideal chance for the bacteria to grow and spread within the skin. When this happens, the body’s immune system reacts, which is what can cause zits (which are simply areas of skin that are inflamed due to the body’s immune response).

Smaller zits, that disappear quickly, normally leave no permanent damage. However, larger and deeper ones, or those that bleed can cause scarring. The scarring will reduce in appearance, given sufficient time, but will often never fully heal naturally.

In view of this, much work has been completed improving technologies to reduce the level of scarring on one’s skin. There is a selection of skin clinics that offer acne scar removal Scarborough has available.

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