The Best Food For Great Hair

Women in particular spend a lot of money on hair products that are supposed to give good growth. However, what people do not understand is the fact that pretty, attractive and eye-catching hair starts with the diets that people consume. Therefore, people who treasure their hair terribly much should supply their bodies with certain nutrients that facilitate easy hair nourishment. In fact there are some perfectly good foods you should consider eating for that right head of wonderful hair. The growth of healthy hair is possible by the right foods being eaten so as to supply the body with nutrients to help great hair growth.

Over the years, the whole grains are known to be extremely useful when it comes to stabilizing the hair in terms of nutrients. Whole grains such as brown rice and oats are known to be rich in vitamin B. Brittle and alopecia hair can be assisted by the biotin nutrient in Vitamin B. The biotin nutrient found in Vitamin B can greatly assist alopecia and brittle hair. A good source of silica are raw oats. Hair breakage is prevented by silica and thence the strength of your hair is improved.

Including whole grains in your weekly food intake will always give you strong and healthy hair. You can enhance your natural beautiful hair by having more proteins in your diet. Therefore, nuts are an excellent source of protein and zinc which play a prominent role in promoting slinky and strong hair.

It is advisable for a person to choose healthy looking nuts such as the walnuts which contain omega-3 fatty acids and biotin that ensures the growth of an exceptionally beautiful and admirable hair. To help prevent hair loss eat brazil nuts as they contain selenium which can help prevent it. Healthy nuts have a high content of calorie content and thus encouraged for a better and stronger hair. Seeds such as sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and flax seeds should be included in a person’s diet. As you can get zinc from pumpkin seeds, omega-3 oils from flax seeds and biotin from sunflower seeds they should all be eaten for health hair. Protein for the body can be got from the likes of Quinoa seeds.

Fish oil can be got from fish such as sardines, trout or salmon and should be included in your diet. As it is a great source of omega-3 fatty acids eating oily fish can give you great skin and silky hair. It is advisable for a person to regularly take oily fish sprinkled with rich lemon juice as it serves as a source of vitamin C. Hair nutrients can be got from eating shellfish and oysters. Though the food type is not on a regular basis, people are advised to be taking them once in a while for a better healthy skin and hair. All the good nutrients are present such as proteins, iron, selenium, vitamins B12 and zinc. Hair growth is got from having vitamin B12 in the diet. In your diet you should have avocado, eggs and yogurt. Foods such as these are a great way for getting strong, healthy and beautiful hair growth.

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