Understanding How To Reverse Insulin Resistance Possibly Fundamental To The Prevention Of Diabetes

There can be few who have not heard about the threat that diabetes poses to the well being of the nation and the clinical care teams that serve the public. Comparatively few people understand the nature of this disease, its causes, treatment and particularly the importance of producing and regulating the hormone insulin. An increasing number are finding their bodies reject this vital hormone. Thankfully there are ways to reverse insulin resistance.

The hormone is created within the pancreas. Its critical activity is in aiding the breakdown of starch and fatty foodstuffs which contain energy providing glucose. Activity and normal organ functioning uses up much of the sugar, but if residual glucose is left in the blood stream a level of toxicity may develop. Hence the important process that makes it possible to store it in the liver, muscular and fatty tissues.

Diabetes is caused when these systems that regulate glucose levels malfunction. Sufferers producing no insulin at all become fully dependant on external sources such as through injections or occasionally pills. This is known as type one diabetes. Type two diabetes is different in that patients resist the production of their own insulin. There are alternative medicinal treatments for this but occasionally it is necessary to have it externally supplied as well. Basically all physiological functions, right down to the tiniest cell, depend on energy being released, stored and recycled correctly.

Insulin is produced in resistant sufferers but it does not function as it should. As a result the pancreas produces more and more but the bottom line is that sugars are not being broken down and absorbed and the threat of toxicity rises. Diagnosing correctly can be tricky. Symptoms such as mass gains around the tummy, cholesterol problems, raised blood pressures often point incorrectly towards cardio or circulation conditions.

The problems of sedentary lifestyles, too much starch based food which serves to perpetuate the sugar processing problem, results in massive numbers of people becoming obese. This in turn increases the risk of diabetes. The tragedy is this almost self induced decline into the life changing world of diabetes can be avoided. Decisions about exercise, diet and taking the right vitamins and supplements may impede the onset or prevent the condition entirely.

Like most things in life, doing things the right way is not rocket science. Choosing food groups low in starch such as salads, broccoli, lentils, spinach and similar green leaf vegetables provide optimal nutrition and fiber without excessively raising blood sugar levels. Of course regular exercise has to go with this approach.

Another important part of a healthy diet is quality protein. This assists in producing hormones that influence against producing too much insulin. Sources from fish, soy, poultry and whey are best. Vitamins K, D, E, K as well as naturally occurring antioxidants all help in sorting out sugar levels. And of course, there is the exercise thing again.

By now it will be clear that many concerns and obstacles around how to reverse insulin resistance are rooted in lifestyle and dietary choices. The choice is no longer how but when.

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