The Basics of Cluster Headaches and How Chiropractic Treatment Works

Cluster headaches result in episodes of severe head splitting pain. They result from a neurologic condition and are really painful types of headaches. These headaches often occur in cyclical patterns and last off and on for weeks. The individual will have frequent cluster headache bouts and then they will cease for a period. Chiropractor treatment may be helpful in decreasing pain and help patients to play, socialize, work, and sleep better.

Physicians do not understand how cluster headaches happen. They can be related to subluxations (spinal misalignment), seasonal changes, or the hypothalamus.

Some people say their headaches are triggered by stimuli, although these triggers do not really play a substantial role in cluster headaches. Smoking tobacco, drinking alcohol beverages, intake of specific foods, anxiety/stress, and bright lights have all been can be headache producing triggers.

Symptoms often begin with burning sharp pain that awakens the person from sleep. It is often centered on one eye and can radiate from the head’s center to other parts of the head. The individual may experience a flushed face in addition to a runny nose. The attacks may last from 15 minutes to several hours. The individual may experience attacks for every day during the cluster period for weeks and possibly no headaches for the next several months.

For certain individuals chiropractic therapy may reduce the painful effects of clusters and improve a patient’s life considerably.

Patient treatment starts with a complete history and physical where a chiropractic doctor evaluates the individual to learn all about the triggers, symptoms and history of the headaches. The doctor can then customize a treatment plan appropriately.

A chiropractic physician may offer a variety of treatments including spinal manipulations and stretches to help with spinal misalignment. A chiropractor may also treat with other options such as nutritional supplements, heat, stretches, acupuncture, and also spinal decompression therapy.

The treatments hopefully help the patient minimize the frequency and duration and frequency of the headaches. Chiropractic represents a safe and noninvasive treatment that may be extremely helpful for pthese headaches.

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