The Adverse Reactions Associated With Ginseng

The reputation of ginseng keeps growing around the world. It is well-known due to its numerous health benefits that include promoting sexual function, increasing memory, protecting against inflammation, preventing cancer development, improving moods and improving energy. Although it is famous for its health benefits, it would be crucial to learn about ginseng adverse effects before taking the herb on a regular basis. By learning the side effects, the user will be able to enjoy this product safely with no chance of unfavorable side effects.

Based on a research by the medical center at University of Maryland, it was proven that ginseng has the capacity to cut down the level of sugar in the bloodstream. Sometimes it could result in a condition recognized as hypoglycemia which the level of sugar inside the blood falls very low. To prevent such an incidence, it is advised to eat ginseng with a meal.

People with high or low blood pressure level have to be mindful when taking ginseng herb. Studies have proven that this herb includes some contents that may stimulate these symptoms to become worse. It is better for such people to take ginseng while carefully reviewed by a doctor. In case of an adverse reaction, its use must be stopped right away.

Some people could suffer with nervousness and insomnia after using ginseng. If an individual experiences insomnia for many nights, it can cause a serious mental and physical disability. Nervousness conversely could threaten different body functions, for example it will cause an increase in the heartbeat, increased blood pressure level and respiration. It is definitely not healthy to remain using ginseng herb if any of these unwanted effects appear. At times the side effects will arise resulting from taking a large amount of the supplement and this can be prevented by controlling the consumption. If the side effects remain even in small amounts, it would be safe to stop its use entirely.

For folks taking blood thinners, it could be safe to quit consuming ginseng for a while. Blood thinners are applied to reduce clots in the bloodstream in order to prevent conditions like stroke and cancer. Anytime blood thinners like Coumadin, Warfarin or Aspirin are consumed together with ginseng, the medicine might not be highly effective.

Much like it could happen with ordinary medicines, there could be allergies with ginseng. Reactions are usually in the form of itching, inflammation of throat and tongue and skin rashes. If an allergy develops after using ginseng, stop taking the herb and speak with a medical doctor immediately.

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