Ten Top Tips For A First Date

The clothing items you buy, your individual style and the grooming products you choose all give off first impressions when you meet someone new. The key question is what impression do others have of you within those vital first few seconds of seeing and meeting you?

People who look after themselves tend to be well equipped and responsible, or so they say! The clothing we wear is often thought to be associated with self-image and act as an expression of our personalities and characters.

What guys and women tend to feel when they initially meet someone is important and as much as we hate to admit it, looks are primarily what attract us to each other. So we’ve decided to give you a list of 10 turn-off’s to keep hold of, feel free to print and tick off when you meet your next date!

1. When you first walk into a bar or restaurant and see your date with badly fitting clothes. Whether this is a dress that’s too short or a blazer that isn’t fitted or tailored correctly, ill-fitting clothes on a person can tarnish that first impression. Another important point, baggy clothes aren’t attractive when a slim fit and tailored cut is in fashion.

2. The second point is concerning dirty clothes. We’ve said enough, keep them clean and washed!

3. If you’ve got scruffy hair take a trip to the barbers and ensure you’re well groomed. It is a common view that women don’t always go for the man that is most handsome, but that is well presented.

4. BO. Body odour is unpleasant, a massive turn off.

5. On the other hand, too much aftershave can be distasteful!

6. Shoes. Keep your shoes clean, battered shoes can be a turn off on a date.

7. Stubble. This implies you’re too lazy to shave. If you are going for the ‘designer stubble’ look, ensure it is neat and clean around the sides.

8. Cartoon ties. Avoid these and keep to a plain and simple bold colour. The ones you received for Christmas are not the best idea!

9. No one likes to see if you bite your finger nails so try to keep your hands and fingernails well groomed; this applies to men and women. There are some good products on the market to help if you bite your nails. Alternatively, get yourself to a beautician and your hands can look and feel wonderful.

10. We’ve probably saved the biggest turn off till last, bad breath. When it comes to the big moment at the end of the date, bad breath can kill the first kiss. Get some mints or chewing gum to cover this and keep them on you, especially if you have been eating those smelly foods that we all love to hate!

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