Can smokeless cigarettes help quit smoking

Even after the community became aware of the dangers associated with smoking a long time ago, they have persisted on continuing with the habit. There has been an increasingly high rate of cigarette manufacturing Companies worldwide. Most of the cigarette addicts have opted to take the gum as an alternative of quitting the nicotine content found in the cigarettes. The newest brand of cigarette that is being manufactured today is the electronic cigarette (smokeless cigarette).

These cigarettes have been created to take the appearance of the normal original cigarettes, although unlike the original they are designed to emit artificial smoke and also lack tobacco content. The consumers of electronic cigarettes usually inhale a nicotine vapor which resembles the normal smoke but lack the carcinogens which are found in any tobacco products.

The carcinogens derive in the tobacco smoke are very unsafe to the consumers as well as to the public around them. The electronic cigarettes have got a liquid like nicotine which is found in a nicotine cartridge. During the electronic cigarette breathing, a small battery power driven atomizer converts a tiny quantity of the liquid nicotine into vapor form. Therefore, when inhaled the nicotine vapor makes the consumer to feel the nicotine consequence within a few seconds rather than minutes as with the normal cigarettes or gum. The electronic cigarettes have got a minute LED light at their tip which glows orange when a consumer inhales so as to replicate the actual cigarettes.

However there are various strengths of the nicotine cartridges. For instance, the Gamucci electronic cigarettes come with full strength, half strength or minimal strengths. This are mostly created for the users who would wish to give up smoking. This is so because as they keep on inhaling small amounts by reducing the power day by day they’ll eventually find it easy to quit. The major advantages of the electronic cigarettes as compared to nicotine patches or gums is that the consumers acquire the nicotine effect much earlier and also the users can get the advantage of smoking from a cylindrical object. The electronic cigarettes replicate that down to the smoke.

In terms of the financial aspect, the electronic cigarettes are much beneficial compared to the actual cigarettes. This is because purchasing a set of say five nicotine cartridges would cost you approximately $8 which is equivalent to purchasing around 500 normal cigarettes. Although users may incur a lot of costs in purchasing the electronic cigarette kit, they at long run save a lot of money. There are however a large number of Chinese imitations of the electronic cigarettes which might seem very cheap available currently in the market. These imitations are charged half the normal price of the branded electronic cigarettes and resemble the actual electronic cigarettes. You should therefore confirm before purchasing these types of cigarettes since they have not undergone the testing of the normal cigarettes and can therefore result to high health damages.

Smokeless cigarettes are a great way to quit smoking. Rather than real smoke, smokeless cigarettes emit a water vapor mist that looks and tastes just like real smoke. You can watch videos and read about different brands of Electronic cigarettes here.

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