Where did the Paso Doble come from?

The Paso Doble is a ballroom dance reminiscent of a bullfight set in the heart of Spain. It is set to Spanish march music. It is the same style of music that is played when a bullfighter enters the ring to salute the audience before the fight, and again at then end of the fight, right before the kill. The meaning of the words paso doble is “double step” in Spanish.

Competition Dance Styles

People get into competitive dance for different reasons. People dance at weddings, because of their ethnicity, or simply because they want to exercise and be really good at something. Whatever the reason is, can be just a hobby or a competitive sport

The World of Dance Shoes

Dance shoes come in a plethora of different shapes, sizes and colours and there is no shortage in options as to what to order. There is huge availability of both Latin and ballroom shoes, each varying in style and function. When deciding on dance shoes, several things have to be taken into consideration such as the required heel height owing to personal choice or to requirement of the particular regulations.

The Funnest Exercise You are able to Have

Everyone out there knows that in order to obtain health and also lose weight you need to exercise regularly. Most of these very same people seem to think that exercise must happen in a gym. They imagine they are in for a slow-moving and slogging hour. They prepare to invest their training time in a place with lots of other people who share the same goal. They prepare to really feel nervous. What they don’t get ready for is really liking the experience. Sure you need to exercise often if you want to lose weight but nowhere is it written that you cannot also do something that you actually like to do. Why not persue dancing?

Weight loss Weigh In Finale

This is the Finale to my weekly weight loss weigh ins of 2009, find out how much weight I got rid of this year. If you don’t know what this is the finale to, go to my video “weight loss 52 cards” This explains what I did for the year 2009 I counted down the …

Weight Loss Tips that Work

This is some of the best advice I can give you in terms of weight loss. All of this has helped me lose over 50 pounds. Enjoy…..