Symptoms Of Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are the result of swelling and inflammation of the anal and rectal veins. In the U.S., approximately 75 percent of the population experiences hemorrhoids at some time during their lives. Simple home treatments are generally sufficient to cure them, but occasionally they come back repeatedly and surgery is necessary.

How can you identify that you actually have hemorrhoids? Several symptoms can indicate that this is what you have. However if you even believe you have a hemorrhoid, you still have to visit a doctor, so they can let you know definitely. Here are some warning signs to be aware of.

1) Pain – Pain is the hallmark symptom of hemorrhoids. If you feel pain while you are moving your bowels, or continue to feel pain later on, this might be hemorrhoids.

2) Rectal Itching – Rectal itching can be a sign that you have a hemorrhoid. The reason for this is the wetness and excrement in the rectum.

3) Pressure – A sign of hemorrhoids can be pressure in the rectum. The pressure is felt because of the swollen hemorrhoid.

4. Bleeding – A hemorrhoid can cause rectal bleeding. When you are having a bowel movement, the bleeding can occur. As stools pass through the anus, the pressure they create causes this to occur. The inflammation and swelling of the anus can cause injuries when making a bowel movement.

5) Bulges – Sometimes a bulge occurs on the anus when a person has external hemorrhoids. When the stool pushes downward on the anus, this happens.

6) Anal Lumps – It is possible to develop a lump on your anus. This is caused by a hemorrhoids that contains a blood clot. Surgical removal may be necessary.

7) Unfinished Bowel Movements – If you usually have partial bowel movements, you might have hemorrhoids. In other words, you may have a small bowel movement and still feel the urge to defecate, but you can’t.

There are only a few symptoms that indicate you have hemorrhoids. So take notice of those that occur. Rectal or anal pain indicates a problem. That does not necessarily mean that the problem is hemorrhoids. Rectal pain can be caused by other things. So first of all, you should see a doctor if you begin having pain.

If you see blood coming out of your rectum, be worried. There are various issues that can cause bleeding. A simple fissure may be the cause. This means that the lining of the anal canal is cracked. You might have rectal polyps or cancer of the rectum. Your doctor can tell you exactly what is happening.

If you are diagnosed with hemorrhoids, there are various simple treatments that can relieve the symptoms. But be certain that you look after them. If left unattended, they will continue to become more painful.

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