Start Small When Exercising

We should all be aiming for a better level of fitness. We keep thinking of how we want to be , but just need to do it.

So where do we all start. Well a quick internet search reveals too many pages to provide a good and reliable source of information, and there is a great deal of in formation provided on the TV channels, books, newspapers and countless fitness DVDs.

There is always much information to be found, even taking a bit information from each source and creating something that will work best for you.

Are there any benefits to being fitter? Guess what the answer is. Yes, fitter is better. Fitter equals less body fat as this is something that is burnt off during exercise and exercise is how to become fitter.

Healthier way of loosing fat is to also put excercises into your routine.

A fitter person has a lower heart rate which improves your well being and as you will be breathing harder during exercise this will increase your lung function so you will enable your body to absorb more oxygen to feed your brain and muscles.

If you have hypertension, being fitter can help to lower this and can positively affect both diastolic and systolic levels. This has helped me recently as I am suffering from hypertension and one of the side effects of my medication has been to lower my heart rate.

This can explain why some days I have been slightly confused and somewhat forgetful. A lower heart rate means less oxygen circulating round my body, and less oxygen means less brain food.

Because I have decided to do more with my fitness level and have been working out now for several months. My weight is down, my confusion has gone, my excess body fat is dropping and my hypertension is much better.

To my understanding and what I have learned is that being more fit can also have a positive effect on cholesterol levels, reducing LDL cholesterol, yet helping to raise the HDL level.

Greater fitness can also help your heart and lower the chance of having a stroke. I used to smoke which wasn’t good for my heart and found exercise very hard. I decided to stop smoking and coupled with a fitness regime I now feel much better and a lot fitter.

My stamina and strength has increased greatly since working out and this is even more important to people as you get a little older.

A great way of developing a fitness regime is to seek help and your local gym should have a personal trainer, (or you can find your own). These will advise you on the best way to become fitter and remember they are the experts.

Fitness instructors will not set up a fitness regime that is so strenuous that it kill you on day one. A personal trainer knows the things we don’t and it is sensible advice to listen to.

A personal trainer will help you build up your strength and stamina by developing a sensible program of exercise.

To create a basic fitness program we need to consider 4 important areas.

Aerobic excercises, such as walking, swimming, and even aerobic step classes are forms of low intensity, but lengthy in duration.

Another way of getting fitter is to pull weights which is known as resistance training. My experience of this training is limited but to do it sensibly start with low weights and build up the weight as your fitness builds up.

Remember, be sensible and don’t over do it as you can damage your body easily with unsupervised weight training.

Remember that you still need to eat a properly balanced diet of sensible foods as part of your fitness program. You could also take up a fitness regime involving flexibility excercises such as yoga.

Getting in better shape and more fit can be very easy and fun, just to remember to do easy excercises a little at a time and then to do them properly and intensively. To get fit quick, consider being advised by a specialist fitness trainer, wither a personal one or one from a gym

Personal are the best solutions for people to have because they are there to help guide you, motivate, readjust your routine when needed. They are most helpful, but other options to get information from can be from your internet and books.

Becoming fitter takes time and time is something that many of up are short of in today’s modern world. Just remember that you need to keep working at a fitness regime to develop a better level of fitness. Fitness is not something you can buy at the supermarket.

Take things one day at a time, be committed, and just start. I use to be a heavy person and smoker and I have now made these changes.

Now, I am much fitter, can jog miles without problems, the hypertension is much more controlled and my waistline has shrunk. How, well I started a fitness program which was easy at first, and just built up from there.

Be committed, start small and keep at it. I did it and so can you. Good luck.

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