Substantial Pain Relief Can Be Found With A Tens 7000 Unit

In order to appropriately manage pain, the use of electronic therapy is often indicated. In numerous instances, disease or injury results in painful conditions. The latter can affect essentially any part of one’s body, and therefore a tens 7000 machine may be the ideal solution for those dealing with such symptoms.

A tens unit is a machine that utilizes small electrical currents to interfere with the neuroreceptors responsible for transmitting pain signals in the human body. The acronym stands for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. The mild electrical currents are delivered through the individual’s skin. Small electrode pads are attached to the area where the pain is felt, and it is through these pads that electrotherapy is transmitted. This is beneficial, as one can place the electrodes directly in the area where the pain most severe.

Such devices are frequently recommended by practitioners who work at pain clinics or other facilities where patients with chronic conditions are cared for on a regular basis. Their use is sometimes recommended by physical therapists, sports coaches, and other medical professionals as well. The patient’s pain is usually eliminated immediately when the unit is in place, and it can be used on a continuous basis or intermittently.

Tens units transmit electrical impulses to the nerves directly under one’s skin. Wherever the electrode pads are placed will be where the relief is felt most. In virtually all instances, one’s pain is abruptly decreased or entirely eliminated upon feeling the first electrical sensations.

The relief experienced will vary substantially from one person to the next. This will depend on numerous aspects, including the treatment mode one chooses and the health disorder responsible for his or her symptoms. Many people find that their relief extends after turning the machine off, which is very beneficial. In rare cases, an individual only feels relief when the device is hooked up.

Machines of this kind can offer the aforementioned benefits whether they are used at a pain clinic or in the patient’s home. Home models are highly advantageous, as patients can use them whenever symptoms are present. The intensity of the stimulation is adjustable, and one can choose from high-frequency or low-frequency patterns. The latter will depend on the doctor’s advice, as well as the personal preferences of the user. The individual may have to try several modes until the most helpful one is discovered.

High frequency, or traditional stimulation, is the standard mode recommended by most physicians. A person can usually only tolerate high-frequency stimulation for a short period of time. However, pain relief generally lasts for a substantial length of time after the machine is used. Low-frequency stimulation is not quite as uncomfortable, but may not provide as long lasting results as stimulation of a higher frequency.

Many physicians prescribe medicine or nonprescription remedies for patients suffering from chronic pain. However, such treatments can be expensive and result in negative, undesirable side effects such as chronic sleepiness, tolerance, or decreased cognitive function. Therefore, those with chronic pain may be better off using a tens 7000 machine. Those suffering with this symptom should talk to a physician or specialist about this alternative.

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