Stairlifts for children and the disabled

There are a considerable number of special children Seats which have been produced to permit children to use Stairlifts. Suitable for youngsters (3-9 Years) one of the most popular seats is the Panda Seat produced by the Free-lift Stairlift company.

Your child must be able to sit safely on the seat during transit and be able to mount and dismount from the Chairlift independently or with assistance.

Parental operation of the Stairlift can be controlled by an adult who follows the Stairlift up and down the stairs as the child sits safely in the chair and extra harness’s can be used for disabled children. Grants are available (DFG)

What is a Disabled Facilities Grant?

If you or someone in your house is disabled you can qualify for help toward the price of providing modifications and facilities, so that you or the disabled person can continue to live in your house. The Dept for Communities and Local Executive (DCLG) will give you additional info on the way in which the grant works.

We recommend that you consult professional advice before purchasing a Stair lift child seat. Information can be sourced from your community occupational therapists (OT) or Social Services dept of your local council.

If the child has a severe disability a Chairlift with an adapted panda seat won’t be the correct solution to overcoming the access solution issues. There are also grants allowances available for people with serious disabilities “ Severe Disablement Allowance” (SDA) is a benefit for individuals that are unable to work as a result of a long term severe sickness or incapacity

The best logical solution would be wheelchair lifts also known as thru floor lifts! Designed on the passenger lifts found in numerous office blocks but on a much smaller compact scale. Wheelchair lifts can be exceedingly dear to buy and a great quantity of work is needed to have one installed.

For more information on Chairlifts for youngsters please visit our website Stairlifts Manchester

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