Spotting Symptoms That Lead To Permanent Loss Of Hearing

Barring your girlfriend’s nagging voice may work for a while, but to entirely not be able to hear it is a problem you have to deal with. Stop assuring yourself that you just like turning up the volume of everything. Admit it, you are experiencing hearing loss. Better do something about hearing loss before it’s too late.

Hearing loss is not unusual to those in the baby boomers phase, or simply those nearing the retirement years. Studies show that a large percentage of this generation experiences a reduction in their hearing ability. There are ways to prevent it or even diminish it, but that depends on how committed one is in doing something about it.

For those in the younger age department, hearing loss is either acquired during infancy or developed as they grow up. And we all know how kids and not-so-young kids lose their hearing. There are other reasons. Listening to loud music, unhealthy diet, and poor hygiene are just some of it.

If you already can’t hear anything, you certainly know that you’ve lost it already. Permanent hearing loss isn’t obtained right away, though. Unless one had it from an accident. You will get hints that you are nearing the loss of your hearing before it becomes absolute.

One of the indications is hearing muffled sounds. If your hearing is muted because you happen to have a cold, sinusitis, or an ear infection, then that’s fine. However, if you experience this regularly, then the problem may lead to a permanent hearing loss.

Some people have a habit of increasing the volume of their TV or speaker in an astounding level. If you think you turn up the volume not because you want it that way or because you had gotten used to it, then you may be doing it because you can’t hear it anymore if the volume is set on an average level. If that is the case, you already have damaged hearing.

Another sign is if you have difficulty identifying the main speaking voice from the backdrop sound. This is one of the most recognizable symptoms of hearing loss. You may be in trouble if you struggle to distinguish the voice of the person speaking to you from the rest of the room’s noise.

The ringing sound that you hear constantly can also be a sign of your weakening auditory sense. You have tinnitus if you hear an irritating ringing sound that doesn’t go away. Many of those who have the symptom is in danger of losing their auditory sense eventually.

If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms, don’t hesitate to go to an ENT doctor or an otolaryngologist. Don’t let the situation worsen. Your hearing may still be saved if you go to a specialist as soon as possible. In any case, an ENT physician would know the best way to avoid or cure hearing loss. Note that not all are treatable or even preventable, but with the use of hearing aids and other technology, you can rest assure that you won’t be completely left in silence.

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