Overview Of An Orthodontist London

A number of people with low self esteem are found to have difficulties with their smile. This may be due to missing or crooked teeth. Sometimes a person will hide their mouth when speaking or smiling. Other people believe they would just look much better with straight teeth. An orthodontist London will be happy to discuss your concerns and outline the choices available to you to improve your smile.

The latest technology means that issues with the placement of teeth can be rectified quite easily. Unlike the braces that used to be worn, a selection of braces are offered made of clear or tooth coloured material so that they are almost invisible. Precise measurements are made by taking images of your teeth and calculating exactly where a brace should be fitted. Frequent adjustments are made but the end result is a much improved smile.

Most braces are almost unnoticeable these days as they are made to be tooth coloured or clear. A range of different types of braces are available. Some are fixed and others are removable. It is sometimes necessary to have a combination of braces during the treatment process to re-align your teeth. A special type of brace to wear in the evenings, or during the night, is offered if back teeth need to be moved or retained in their existing position whilst other repositioning is underway.

There are other reasons to have treatment from an orthodontist. Problems with your bite where teeth do not meet properly can often be corrected. In some cases it may be necessary to consider surgery if the problem is severe.

Crowding or the incorrect alignment of teeth can cause problems when cleaning your teeth. It is difficult to properly clean the teeth and gums in this case leading to gum disease and decay. Treatment provided by an orthodontist should alleviate these problems.

Adjustments to the position of the teeth and jaw is often quicker to achieve in a young person but is still just as effective in adults. As long as the gums and teeth are healthy, this type of treatment can be very successful.

At the start of your visit to an orthodontist London your details will be recorded including your wishes for change. An examination is performed to determine the type of treatment required and a plan will be prepared. The plan is discussed with you and if you are happy with it you will need to attend a number of sessions to make the various adjustments during the process. There are often evening appointments available so that you do not have to interrupt you working day.

For anyone needing an orthodontist london and wanting a free orthodontic consultation get in touch with The Brace to see what we can do for you.

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