Some Types Of Massage Therapy Austin

Massage therapy Austin is offered in spas to help clients relax and feel stress free. There are several different types available that help the mind and body. It may involve scented oils or pressure to certain points on the body. It is used for integrative purposes in medical settings as well.

Hospitals offer it to their patients as part of post surgery care. It has been shown to increase the speed of their recovery. A patient is less anxious prior to surgery and it can boost immune function and energize them as well.

The type most people are familiar with is Swedish. It uses long, gentle strokes and addresses the superficial muscles of the body. It is great for soothing minor aches and pains and promoting relaxation. Aromatherapy is usually incorporated into this type with fragrant hot oils that are said to assist with mood.

There are therapists that specialize in the treatment of athletes. They use more than one type to help them in preventing injury and treating injury. The deep tissue type is usually used to manipulate an injury site. It can actually leave the receiver sore since it requires a much stronger pressure to reach deep into the tissue.

Some therapists are specially trained to treat women who are pregnant. This is a wonderful and stressful time for women and massages can help relieve the anxiety, swelling and aches that can be associated with being pregnant. Shorter labor is also associated with receiving massages, enabling the mother to better endure the contractions.

Massage therapy Austin is a way to manage day to day stress. Most people do not cope with long term stress very well and it can lead to various illnesses when the body is subjected to it without significant interruption. Hot stone massages can be quite effective. Smooth river stones are heated and placed on the body at various points. The heat is very soothing and relax muscles even further than normal. Read more about: massage therapy Austin

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