Some Melatonin Side Effects You Should Know About

The brain is the center of the central nervous system and is the controller of body functions. One of these functions is sleep. It is controlled by a hormone called melatonin that is secreted in the body. However some people have difficulties caused by various reasons that make them unable to produce this hormone. They use artificially generated drugs which stimulate the secretion of this hormone. However they suffer from many melatonin side effects that they suffer from.

The common sleeping disorders include insomnia and sleep walking. They are real and many people suffer from them. Many synthetic products have been produced which stimulate the production of most hormones.

The frequency and extent of use of these products needs to be watched closely. Excess consumption can cause irritability which seriously affects human relationships like friendships.

The threat posed to those suffering from heart and immune conditions is increased by the consumption of these drugs. They weaken body immunity leaving it open to attack by other diseases and conditions.

The drug has also been proved to affect the reproductive system and causes infertility. Besides this it reduces sexual drive in men and women alike.

Damage to the eye is also another common problem that is caused by these. There have been cases of total sight loss due to these drugs. These problems may be accompanied by dizziness and confusion with the symptoms varying greatly from one person to another.

Have your doctor recommend whether or not you should use these supplements. They know your medical history and will be able to judge how suitable they are for you.

Some of them will inhibit the secretion of the sleep hormone therefore will result in accumulation of these chemicals in the blood. There are others which will have similar stimulating effects. This will be a serious overload to the nervous system and may cause a breakdown in the system.

These drugs are not to be used by people who already have prescriptions for conditions like diabetes and birth control. They alter the balance of hormones of the body and could interfere with each other.

The harmful consequences of this artificial enabler are both on a long term and short term basis. They may be manifested immediately or in the future. They have many harmful effects with some being particular to a specific individual while others are quite common. Any discomfort experienced should be reported immediately to a health officer.

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