Skin care tips for oily, dry and sensitive skin types

If you think your skin care routine isn’t working perhaps you should adopt a new one that is meant for your skin type. The wrong skin care routine is more common than you realize. You need to start choosing methods and products that were created for your skin type. It doesn’t matter if you have oily, dry or combination skin or if your skin is sensitive or sun damaged; there are products and caring methods that will work with every skin type. However, there are some common mistakes that are made even if you are getting everything else right.

We know just how irritating it is to deal with oily skin especially if you’ve been doing it a long time. We’ve all tried the tried and true methods to no avail only to eventually resort to super strength skin cleansers to remove every last drop of oil from our faces. This is a super bad idea because it forces your oil glands to begin producing more of the oil you despise so much.

Sometimes professional dermatologists will disagree with professionals in other industries such as the beauty industry. That seems to be a fairly normal thing to see. But, everyone states that you should keep using a skin product if it works well on your skin. It’s common sense, yes, but there are people who fall for marketing ploys. It’s a bad idea to skip around where your skin is concerned. Go with what you know works.

Be sure that you are washing your hands before you wash your face. If you are in a routine of applying a night cream before bed your morning ritual of cleansing your face with warm water will remove this as well as the extra oil on you face too. You need to take special care not to over cleanse your face when you use cleansers. If your skin is oily you won’t necessarily need an extra moisturizer unlike those with dry skin.

Many people wonder whether or not they should tone their skin because there are all sorts of toners out there. So what is the story about them? It does seem to be an area of controversy with conflicting opinions and testimonies on both sides. One thing that is known about them is they will remove the oil from your face. If you have a dry skin type, toner won’t be necessary. If your skin is oily you might benefit from one of these products. But even those with oily skin should never, ever completely strip the oil from their face. Doing this will only make your skin even oilier because your oil glands will simply step up production.

If you feel like you have lost too many battles with skin care and your skin type, then take heart. You just need to do a little troubleshooting because there are definite reasons why it is happening. If you are not 100% positive about your skin type, then do nothing until you have figure that part out. You really cannot move forward if you are unsure about what kind of skin you have. Then, do your good research on the proper care of your skin type. You’ll want to make sure your products are the right ones for your skin type so pay attention.

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