Important Cautions About Using Suntan Lotion On The Skin

Summertime has come again and everyone ca not wait to show off their skin and have fun under the sun. Time to shop for new bikinis and a bottle of that suntan lotion. A bikini will not look sexy without a perfect tanned skin, and that is where the suntan lotion comes in. [youtube:j0HG_K3uBqs;[link:self tanning, sun, sunless tanning system];]

Having a darker skin is a fad nowadays. It is considered to go hand in hand with a hot body. The market has brought out a lot of suntan lotion products to choose from. From sprays to creams and lotions. All these, promise the best results for a wonderful looking brown skin. Though it is indeed tempting to purchase any of these suntan lotion products, you should choose the best product that suit your skin.

Some suntan lotion may contain certain chemicals that can cause skin irritation instead of suntan. Read labels of every suntan lotion product before purchasing to avoid having an allergic reaction. It is best to know what suntan lotion products chemicals are safe for your skin type and those that are not. This way, you can be sure if applying the suntan lotion on your skin is safe or not.[I:]

Sunscreens like any other products has its direction for use which we should strictly follow. Others often stay too long under the sun thinking their skin is safe since they applied sunscreen. Reapplication after few hours should be followed or skin would be harmed. Skin cancer is something to be avoided through safe use of sunscreens and suntan lotion products.

Wearing of hats, clothing and using umbrellas are said to be better for sun protection. Some suntan lotion and sunscreens through research have been concluded to accelerate cancer. The suntan lotion products contain chemicals that may cause cancer when exposed to sunlight. Also, sunscreens does not block the UV rays from damaging the skin cells and causing lesions and tumors. Fortunately, there are list of sunscreens and suntan lotion products that are safe and not known to cause cancer.

Being beautiful comes in different colors. You can look amazing by staying with what you are. No matter the color of your skin. May it be black, brown, white, red or yellow. It is not worth putting your skin at risk by using non-approved suntan lotion products just to change its color. A fair glowing skin still looks attractive in a bikini. Use safe suntan lotion products or wear your own skin and be true to yourself, for it is more attractive.

Ways to achieve a radiant skin is simple. Besides using safe suntan lotion and other products, make sure your skin is well hydrated especially during the hot season. Indulge yourself with fluids preferably water and eat more of citrus fruits and green veggies. Smoking plays a big role in making your skin look ugly whether you use good suntan lotion products or not, so cessation is highly recommended. Following these guidelines and using suntan lotion in a clever way can get you a skin every one of your friends will envy.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to be dark to look more attractive through suntan. This is the main reason why majority of the white skinned like for suntan lotions. But be reminded of ways to avoid some of the harmful effects of improper suntan lotion usage. Take good care of your skin and do not abuse its limits with dangerous suntan lotion products. Every individual has a skin uniquely made. Be proud of your skin.

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