Should You Have Cosmetic Eye Surgery?

If your eyes are droopy or puffy, or just appear tired and weathered, you might want to think about having an eyelid lift, also known as cosmetic eye surgery, or cosmetic eyelid surgery. Because our eyelids are constantly exposed to the elements, especially the sun, the human eyelid ages quite quickly. In addition, the eyelid is a very thin piece of tissue that does not hold up well over the years, even in very healthy people. Sometimes additional eyelid skin, or excessive puffiness, actually blocks a person’s field of vision. Occasionally, the obstruction even involves an entire field of vision, which is a serious medical issue. An eye surgeon will determine, after careful examination, what the situation calls for. After removing excess fat from a patient’s eyelid, the improvement is almost immediate. Cosmetic eye surgery provides fast relief for people who want to get rid of extra skin in the eye area, for whatever reason.

If you are in good overall health, and if you think that eyelid surgery will improve your looks or help your vision, then you are probably a good candidate for cosmetic eye surgery. Many people combine cosmetic procedures for reasons of efficiency. It is not uncommon for a patient to have eyelid surgery done in tandem with botox treatments, face-lifts, or related facial surgery.

Eye surgeons do a lot of preparatory work for each patient’s case. This usually involves taking numerous photographs of the area to be treated. That way, the doctor can look at the unique aspects of the patient’s eye skin, examining where fat has built up and where wrinkling is most obvious. Of course, each person’s eye area is like a fingerprint: No two are exactly the same.

Scarring from eyelid surgery is minimal, and what does occur can be worked into the folds of the surrounding tissue so that is virtually invisible.

You should arrive about one hour before your surgery, which itself will take around an hour to complete. The staff will keep you in the office for a couple hours afterward for routine observation, and then allow you to return home. Within less than a week, most patients are able to go out in public again, without bandages, and without puffy eyes. Cosmetic eye surgery is a valuable medical procedure that is becoming more popular each year.

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