Shopping For A Washing Machine? Read This First

Machines, as any sensible person would testify, are there to make our lives comfortable, to take off the burden of mundane work. Work that we don’t want to do but must be done. The humble washing machine is amongst one of the many important household appliances that we cannot do without.

Washing machines that were somewhat similar to the current once started appearing in the market during the early decades of the 20th century. Some of those were powered by steam or gasoline engines. Once electricity became ubiquitous, only then did the ancestor to the modern washing machine came into existence. The working and design principles that govern washing machines have changed very little in the past 4 decades.

There are two main categories of washing machines – top loading and front loading. As is obvious, the terms are self explanatory. Top loading machines have an agitator or an impeller at the bottom of the tub which spins the water, some even have a scrubbing action programmed in. While in top loaders that drum might or might not move, in front loaders, the tub always moves and tumbles clothes around and thereby removes dirt.

Because the rotating drum doesn’t need to be filled with water, front loaders are generally more efficient. Compared to top loaders, the front loaders are also less prone to damage delicate fabric. Furthermore, the rotating drum design is a mechanically simple design and is hence more durable, but they do require a complex sealing mechanism. However, as far as reliability goes, top loaders have caught up with from loaders.

A new type of washing machine design that is growing in popularity is the drum type top loader. It combines the simplicity and efficiency of drum rotors with the convenience of top loaders. When purchasing washing machines, water and energy efficiency is an important factor these days. If you want efficiency and reliability you should consider the john lewis washing machines. You can read more about john lewis washing machines on review sites, like this one: john lewis washing machine reviews.

Automatic washing machines with programmable wash cycles are what you should purchase, the convenience they afford is well worth the extra money. No matter what brand you choose, you can easily find out it they are a good one by the warranty they offer. Washing machines that come with longer and more complete warranties are always better than those that do not.

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