Sinusitis – Cause And Treatment

Worried about the headaches and the side effects of sinusitis? Are you wondering whether there are home remedies and medications which can cure you of the irritating and persisting headache that is caused by sinusitis? Then the answer is that there is. There are exercises and certain techniques, besides medicines that can help you in thinning the mucus and getting relief from the pain.

What is Sinusitis? When the paranasal sinuses inflames due to either allergy or infection or maybe viral infection,that is when sinusitis becomes a problem. Nose allergy, infection, viral attacks are the major causes why the paranasal sinuses get swollen up. The reason why you have headaches is because there is thick mucus which gets clogged. However, you should also know how serious your sinusitis problem is. Sub acute is when it is between 4-8 weeks. If your sinusitis problems go for more than 8 weeks, you are in the chronic state. Therefore, when you take medicines, be aware of your sinusitis problem.

How to Clear Sinusitis through Home Remedies and Exercises If you have a disciplined routine that you can follow religiously, you can treat sinusitis at home. For treating your headache and the other sinusitis problem, take a bowl of hot water, put some salt in it and inhale the steam through your nose. You can also drink a lot of tea or coffee or other hot fluid to help you melt your mucus. You can even try the exercises that are the best way to treat sinusitis. Practice this every morning at least 10 times for one month and you will see the difference. Hold one side of your nostril and inhale through the other side. Now exhale from the other side. Also see to it that when you inhale, your nose track is clear and free of mucus. Keep on blowing it hard so that your nose is clear for you to breathe freely.

Medicines you can pop in to treat Sinusitis If your sinusitis headache and discomfort is very high and needs immediate attention, you can have antibiotics or painkillers. You also get capsules which when dissolved in warm water and steam is taken relieves you of your pain. There are capsules on the market to with a liquid inside that when added with water and taken steam helps the thick mucus to thin down and even come out through your nose, at times. This allows your head to feel light and less painful. Use nasal sprays to clear your nose and breathe easy.

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