Science Of Getting Rich – Book By Wallace D Wattles

The competitive mind vs. the creative mind. The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles offers many great lessons that when combined create the basic success formula by which anyone can create wealth, abundance and prosperity in their lives. One of the core concepts that Wattles explains in his book is the idea of doing things in a “certain way”.

[11 Forgotten Laws]

Wallace Wattles revealed something that is now regarded as a scientific reality. There is a universal intelligence-the Creator or God -which is the wellspring of all the great things that are ready to come into your life. It provides limitless possibilities for you to succeed on all levels and live fully.Here’s where gratitude enters the picture. The most effective approach for establishing a connection with this universal intelligence is both profound and simple, by being grateful.Your Four Arguments to Be Grateful,Thankfulness attracts positive things you desire to you.Are you longing for riches and the freedom that comes with it? Then your job is simple: give thanks.

The more gratefully you fix your attention on the Infinite when good things come your way, the more wonderful things you will attract, and the more quickly they will appear. To put it simply, thankfulness sets the Law of Attraction into play on your behalf! Being grateful wards off bad thinking.Do you view your life in a bad light? Or maybe you’re feeling sad at the moment? Gratitude replaces these kind of thoughts. Try it this minute. Come up with a simple thing you can be grateful for and notice what happens.

That’s probably caused by your thoughts as well.Take the time to re-focus your thoughts. Dismiss the negative ones. Or at the very least, diminish their power.Whether you consciously use the power of thought discussed in Science of Getting Rich, it will still be affecting you. Think about it!I can’t believe the movie “The Secret” has created such a storm.

If a grateful state is a seedling, faithfulness becomes its fruit. The thankful individual consistently expects good results, and expectation becomes faith. Without a living faith, you will not be able to prosper by the creative approach.Isn’t the immense power of gratitude remarkable? It’s a lot more than that. It is the primary link to creating unlimited access to everything you truly desire in life!Keep in mind: Follow Wattles’ advice and make being grateful your primary focus. Wake up every morning with expressions of gratitude for the good things you possess and those that are on their way. This will take you into harmony with the infinite supply, and all that is good will step toward you.

Do you know about the movie, “The Secret”? The truth is, it isn’t much of a secret anymore, selling over 500,000 units within 6 months of its release in March 2006 and to this date 5,000 copies a day. “The Secret” had such an impact on the world that it was even featured on the Oprah Winfrey show, Larry King Live, and the Ellen DeGeneres Show.You may be asking yourself, “What is behind the success of, “The Secret”? Well to sum it all up, “The Secret” is a movie to help people transform their lives using a philosophy known as the, “Law of Attraction”. This universal law states that we are completely responsible for our own reality wither we know it or not, and the quicker we understand this basic concept the quicker we begin taking control of our lives. Brought to you by 24 teachers including Chiropractic healers relationship gurus, prosperity preachers, life caches, and motivational speakers – this message is explained clearly and shows you how to apply the principles to all aspects of your life.Not far behind the success of the ground breaking movie ,”The Secret” is a wealth building system created by 3 of the main teachers called ,”The Science of Getting Rich Program”, which is set to make history being the fastest selling personal development program known to man.

To cut a long story short that’s basically what The Science of Getting Rich is about. It’s about trusting that the pictures you create for yourself are what’s forming your life. Your pictures are the system that keeps your life going the way it is going. As Wallace Wattles pens in the Science of Getting Rich. “There is a thinking stuff from which all things are made, and which, in it’s original state, permeates, penetrates, and fills the interspaces of the universe. A thought, in this substance produces the thing that is imaged by the thought.A person can form things in his thought, and, by impressing his thought upon formless substance, can cause the thing he thinks about to be created.

It sounds like a power packed program and judging by the success of ,”The Secret”, I’m sure it is well on its way to deliver its potent formula for building wealth on a worldwide level.Is it possible that our reality is created by our thoughts? Well a universal law known as the, “Law of Attraction”, states: How we think is directly linked to what is manifested in our lives.You can look at it like this: For every action there is a reaction. Therefore we can say for every positive thought there is a positive reaction. This is no mumbo jumbo, in fact; it is a self-evident truth that your thoughts are made up of the energy that has a direct affect to your reality.Holding no one else responsible, we are the creators of our own reality by the way we think and the choices we make. When we truly grasp this concept we begin to take control of our lives and understand that the only limits we have are the ones we create.

So you think ignoring the news is putting your head in the sand? But really what good does it do you to know about all the bad stuff going on out there? I’d rather be rich and happy than depressed and poor. Does that make you cringe? Truth is I don’t care.I used to be all worried about over fishing, deforestation and the whole works. And really I love this world, and want to see fish swimming in the sea. Incredible how many whales I see when I’m sitting on the terrace of my house overlooking the sea. And if you really want to save the world give money to organizations that educate people about the planet. I love animals so I don’t eat them. You can always make choices that represent what you care about.

Perhaps another thing that is not quite clear in the movie “The Secret” is that there is plenty of talk about visualising the thing you want. This is true and should be done. But you also need to put emotion into the thought. The emotion is the fuel for the thought. Last but not least you need to take action. Wallace Wattles says “This is the crucial point in the Science Of Getting Rich – right here, where thought and personal action must be combined. There are very many people who consciously or unconsciously, set the creative forces in action by the strength and persistence of their desires, but who remain poor because they do not provide for the reception of the thing they want when it comes.”Yes the thought is the first important thing, but feeling and taking action are also required. By taking action you’re proving to the universe that you believe in your picture. But don’t be surprised if the thing you want shows up in a way you weren’t expecting.

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