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Wallace D. Wattles’ nearly one hundred year old classic masterpiece, “The Science of Getting Rich”, has recently become *THE* book to read on the subject of getting rich. However, most of those who read this incredible book won’t get near as much from it as they could.Since “The Science of Getting Rich” was originally published in 1910, a number of edited and/or revised versions of it have been published both online and offline.

[The 11 forgotten laws]

Do you believe that you have anything to do whatsoever with what occurs in your life? Do you believe you have any control over what results show up in your life? Or have you thought about this at all, happy to sit on the sidelines as a bystander in your life, simply taking what comes? Maybe too busy paying the bills, doing the things we all do in life? Yes, it’s easy to do, but common now, honestly, haven’t you ever wondered what it would be like to really live?.Well let’s get started then. What’s this guy and his program about? The guy and the program are all about life. And how you can change yours. If you are interested in the best life you can have. If you want to experience change for the better, and learn how you have control over the results in your life.Bob’s program, “the science of getting rich”, will grab hold of you and open your eyes to the abilities you hold within you, and the great life you are capable of. That’s right, are, capable of, each and everyone of us. We’ve let our abilities be taken away from us, period. We had them intact when we were children. They were simply conditioned out of us throughout life. We were taught they were not important. But we sure felt great back then didn’t we? Do you remember the wonderful things you dreamed of when you were a child? The imagination you had? All the things you were going to do and be ? Was there ever any doubt in your mind about any of it? Did life seem great everyday? Now, a question? Do you feel that way now? If so, thumbs up, you’re still connected with those abilities and the power inside yourself! You know what though? For most of us these abilities are buried halfway to china. And our lives probably reflect the fact in a lot of ways. Are you satisfied with your life right now? Really satisfied? full filled? Want to learn how to use your abilities and power of your own thought again to create the life you want? Bob’s program will show you how. Simple as that.

You can sometimes recognize these edited and/or revised versions of “The Science of Getting Rich” by a slight change in title from that of the original. Other times, you’ll find someone has added his or her name as a co-author or editor of the book.

Unfortunately, there are a whole host of others out there where the title is the same as the original and there isn’t a co-author’s or editor’s name listed, yet the text of the original book has been substantially edited and/or revised.Personally, when I want to know what a particular author has to say, I want to read his or her own words and not those of someone else. This is especially true in the case of Wallace D. Wattles’ writings.

I’m just like everyone else out there in a way. I have my own hurdles like the rest, but”living” this material provides the light at the end of the tunnel when the going gets tough. One huge benefit, as this program shows is “you get what you feel”. No matter what I encounter now I understand I had a part in bringing it toward myself -good or not so good. I know ‘where things come from now” and you know what, a lot more good things come than bad now. That’s through practicing what I learned. And making feeling good a habit. I’ll repeat that. If you make feeling good a habit and practice it long enough, you’ll have the ability to spring out of bed each day like when you were a kid, and feel great almost all the time, no matter what is going on in your life. A lot of things we do in life are simply habits, period. You have the choice of practicing habits that help you or hurt you. Your choice. You get back what you are feeling. It works. Ever notice what comes back when you think rotten, depressing, angry, or anxious thoughts? And how quick they come? Thats power! You’ll attract every circumstance, feeling, person etc. Into your life that matches these thoughts simply because that’s how creation works. Ever attracted anything good when you’re thinking that way? That’s because it’s not possible. Thoughts and feelings are the most powerful things in existence and science has proven this long ago. Everything ever created started first as a thought.Bob Proctor is known as the Master on this, and The Science of Getting Rich will teach you how you can use the phenomenal power of YOUR thoughts, through knowledge passed through the centuries to achieve anything you desire.

Ben Hogan, The best golfer in the world many times running:Early in his career was involved in a head on collision with a bus. Expected not to live on arrival at the hospital. He did. The best doctors in the country were flown in to save his life. When he did survive, it was the opinion of all he would never walk again. That was not Ben’s opinion, however, and he asked that his golf clubs be brought into the room where he could see them as he would be using them again. He was advised not to expect this as would only become dissapointed and depressed. One year later he was the world’s best golfer again.You get what you expect. You get what you put your power of thought into. Do you think that was easy for him? Not likely, but he believed. What he could see in his mind, he could hold in his hand. There was no possibility of otherwise when he focused his thought only on what he wanted. Not on what he didn’t want, which would have brought him exactly that. He could not allow it.

But you can stop or slow all this by starting a negative impression in the Formless Substance.Although the word check was commonly used to mean stop or slow something down when Wallace D. Wattles wrote “The Science of Getting Rich”, it’s not a common use of the word today.If you didn’t know the word check had multiple meanings, or if you didn’t know the word check was commonly used with this meaning back then, it’d be easy for you to misinterpret what Wallace D. Wattles was saying.

You can read “The Science of Getting Rich” hundreds of times. You can study it until you’re blue in the face. You can memorize it, philosophize, and talk about it to your heart’s content. However, until you apply what you learn from it, you’re not going to get the results you’re seeking from it, PERIOD! I know, at first glance, it seems like there’s an awful lot in it to apply. However, the simple truth of the matter is there really isn’t. In reality, there are only a tiny handful of concepts you really need to apply.

On proven results.With the ability of particle accelerators they have been able to divide ANYTHING on earth to the point of it being energy alone. One same energy of which everything comes from and of which everything is a part of. Including us. And this energy is affected by thought. This is proven beyond a doubt scientifically. So the thought “if we can hold it in the mind, we can hold it in the hand is scientifically proven”. Through the power of thought.

In his opinion, you can do anything you want provided you think and act accordingly. He strongly believes that everyone has a right to lead a life they want and it is entirely in our hands to create it for us. For this purpose, one has to set a goal, actually write it down on a goal card, and then visualize success each day until one day it actually becomes a reality. Of course, such an approach requires a good deal of discipline and loads of positive thinking. It may not be always possible to ward off negative thoughts but one can always diminish the power of these thoughts making way for more constructive thoughts.He also believes that there is a season for sowing and reaping so that you can get the reward. You need to prepare the soil and cultivate the seed of idea so that it turns into reality one day. He offers personalized training to members of the SGR club during weekly meetings. The SGR seminars have also received an overwhelming response from people who have finally realized the importance of the Law of Attraction.

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