Read About The Hottest Fads In Gluten Free Food For 2013

Is it your first time to hear about “gluten-free diet”? It may come to a surprise that this diet plan has long been with us for years. Nevertheless, it has now gained popularity as people have seen and enjoyed great results from it, especially in helping people losing weight.

Did you say gluten-free diet?

Simply put, a diet that does not involve any food having protein gluten. Any food that may contain such substance is prohibited like barley, rye and bread. Originally, this diet plan is designed for people who suffer from celiac disease.

Gluten-free diet is not what you think it is. As a matter of fact, you are already eating (unaware) gluten-free products almost every day such as eggs, nuts and vegetables. With this diet plan getting famous, food manufacturers’ supplies for gluten-free alternatives and products have significantly increased. They are driven to address the increasing demand of alternatives such as pasta and bread.

Below are some of the foods that (naturally) do not contain any gluten. You may ask your nutritionist about these foods to know when to eat them.

1. Fresh meat and fish

2. Dairy products

3. Fruits and vegetables

4. Vegetables and fruits

5. Beans, seeds and nuts

These products are helpful in starting out this diet program but, you still need to double check them for any possible contamination or gluten mixture. Check the label or ask the store owner about the manufacturer of the product.

Take note of the following foods because they are naturally rich in protein gluten:

– Barley

– Rye

– Rye

– Wheat

These products or foods are rich in vitamins and minerals but you must remove them from your daily diet otherwise; your celiac will not be cured (if you have any). Take supplements containing the vitamins and minerals that the above products have.

What alternatives do I have?

Many gluten-free alternatives are now available in the market but, they are not totally safe, especially when you are not fond of checking the label. Opt for the following alternatives to make your diet plan safe and effective:

* Cereal

* Beer

* Breads

* Beer (from stores)

* Salad dressings

* Pastas (which are served in some food chains)

* Soup base

* Seafood (imitated)

* French fries (commercial)

* Sauces

Safe and effective to help people suffering from celiac disease; gluten-free diet continues to be famous to people who want to lose weight. This diet plan is quite more achievable than some of the modern diet programs that deprive people from their usual diet. Gluten-free means that we take the normal daily diet that we have without gluten mixture on it. It is just replacing your old favorites with new yet delicious foods that are safe and effective in providing the needed nutrition.

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