Questions To Avoid Asking During An Interview

Choosing your first employees is exciting-your business is getting and you’re setting up a team of individuals to assist you become successful. The interview process can be fun, too-you’ll be meeting numerous fascinating folks from all walks of life. But were you aware that there are several questions which are prohibited to ask in a job interview? Don’t make the error of infringing on a probable employee’s legal rights, or you may find yourself in a lawsuit. Here are a few questions you must never ask in a job meeting.

Are you married?

This query may appear just like a polite attempt to get to know a nominee, but it’s against the law. Because you can’t discriminate on such basis as marital status, the question is a concern.

Are you thinking about having children?

Maybe you’re concerned that you’ll train a candidate and then she’ll promptly quit or take pregnancy leave. Too bad, you can’t discriminate based on someone’s parental (or future parental) status. Honestly, unless you’re hanging out with a close friend, this isn’t a question to ask in polite interaction anyway.

How old are you?

Ageism exists, but it’s not legal. Throughout the recent economic downturn, many older Americans found themselves searching for new jobs. They quickly figured out to prevent putting tell-tale dates on their resumes. The law states that you just can’t discriminate on age, so don’t ask.

Do you need certain religious holidays off? Do you go to church on Sunday?

Doesn’t matter if you’re asking about Easter, Yom Kippur or the Solstice-this question is prohibited simply because you can’t discriminate according to religion. When you can simply ask someone if they’re available to work on Sunday, you can’t question details about his religious observances.

Do you have a disability?

Big no-no. This may seem like something you require to know, particularly if the job requires certain physical responsibilities. As an employer, you’re required to make, some accommodations for somebody who has a impairment. But if that’s extremely hard, you can ask if they can execute the tasks stated in the work description with reasonable accommodation.

Do you smoke or drink?

You may have every right to not allow smoking on company property . Actually, in most states, it’s against the law to smoke inside already. Several employers have concerns about health care expenses associated with smoking, so it seems like it might be a reputable query. While you can disallow smoking at work, what the employee does at home is not your business.

Are you in the National Guard?

National Guardsmen and some women traditionally report for drill 1 Saturday or Sunday every month, and during a two-week period (usually in the summer) for longer training. As an employer, this can lead to tricky scheduling, but it’s illegal for you to discriminate against a part of the National Guard.

Where are you from?

This is a question often asked in an effort to get to know someone, but it will never be asked in a job interview. It’s illegal to discriminate against someone based on their national origin. You also cannot ask if the individual is a U.S. citizen. Rather, ask if they are legally authorized to work in the United States.

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