Puzzle and Mystery

In this modern world, professionalism and technologies are prospering and ascending dizzy height of success and fame. However, the presentation of some schemes, projects and plans are also affecting thousands and making them morally dejected and financially a wreck. They paint rosy pictures of these schemes and projects. Thus making these naive people the victim of disguise of puzzle and mystery. The necessity of understanding the tendency of the minds of the planers requires few simple steps in the right directions.

The planners play safely with words and phrases, luring the masses in a convincing manner. Hence, we require to analysis and evaluate the meaning and concept of those words and phrases. The core concept is to understand in what context these words and phrases are used and how it is disguised. Once the authentic analysis is done, then objective assessment becomes easy to understand the subtleties of the game plan.

Examining the definition and meaning at the outset become the first step giving self confidence to an individual. The meaning of a puzzle is riddle or enigma. It distinctly indicates that any riddle will have a key to solve it. The solution is hidden in the key. The key will become the driving force of an action paving the way to desired result. If the key is disguised and misleading then results will be achieved differently. The initial approach looks smooth and in the right direction yet it will end up in a total failure.

Similarly, the meaning of mystery is secrecy or ambiguity. Any secrecy or ambiguity requires information followed by judgment. Here, if the information is misleading then judgement becomes biased favouring the good or bad depending upon the intention of the planners. Alternatively, the intention of the person who feeds the information expects the action to be in his favor. Therefore, ambiguity generates bad assessments leading to disaster.

We must understand that the puzzle and mystery are fun as long as they are restricted to entertainment. On the other hand, it becomes a liability and damaging if executed with selfish motives and ill intentions. The greed will be influencing people and their sincerities that are affected by the puzzle and mystery. The puzzle requires a key to information and mystery requires judgement and assessment of uncertainties. It is also seen that puzzle generally comes to satisfying conclusion, whereas the mystery often doesn’t.

Every individual or a group must realise the twists and turns in a proposal or a project presented by promoters. Seriously, it will take some of your precious time, safeguarding your interest mentally, emotionally, socially, and financially. It is often seen that any loose link or insignificant unresolved issue will become a leading source exposing the hidden realities. Eventually, it will also expose the clues and secrecy that involved in generating puzzle and mystery.

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