Common Cosmetic Surgery Auckland Procedures for Men

Time has changed. What were perceived as purely women’s domains are now also being ventured into by men. Cosmetic surgery Auckland is getting popular today. Since men have become more conscious regarding their appearance, they are accepting different measures to modify their appearance amongst which plastic surgery is the most necessary one. Surgical enhancements which used to be undertaken by women are now being done in men on a regular basis. This implies the society’s increasing trend of equating good looks with success.


This is a form of cosmetic surgery Auckland that is used to improve the figure in either one specific area or in several areas. Males can have a hard time as females when it comes to losing weight from certain areas on their body. The stomach and chest are where many men gain weight with age, and it can be hard to lose. Liposuction for men is not just limited to the body, however, more men are turning to this procedure to slenderize and rejuvenate their faces. Common areas for facial liposuction include chin, neck and jowls.


Also known as nose lift, rhinoplasty is a popular facial cosmetic surgery Auckland carried out to correct the appearance of the nose. It can be both cosmetic and reconstructive. Nose is a sensitive part of the face which is usually spoiled during accidents and has to be rebuilt by cosmetic surgeons. Some men are affected with chronic stuffy nose because of physical effects or nose injuries. In rhinoplasty, small adjustments are made on the nose so that it fits the facial looks of an individual.

Face Lift

This is another common cosmetic surgery in Auckland that is embraced by men. Face lifts engage lifting up the key areas on facial skin to give a more youthful appearance. Many men get sagging skin anywhere on their face, along with droopy eyelids, contributing to their older looks. Like women, several males desire to look younger than their age and tightening all the right facial features can do the job.

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