Public Smoking Bans With Regards To Electronic CIgarettes

Smoking in open places has been illegal for sometime now for the health risks it presents to those around the user of traditional cigarettes. This is mainly due to the chemicals that can still be indrawn through the second-hand respiration. It is established by the FDA and ATF as being detrimental to non-smokers and smokers alike, which denotes their public ban.

Electronic cigarettes, nevertheless, work in a way that eliminates the chemicals found in normal cigarettes, and the need for combustion, meaning that what is being taken in and exhaled is not detrimental to people around the user at all. The electronic cigarette emits a mist that mimics the likeness and sensation of smoking, without the substantial list of harmful consequences. This brings up the question: can an electronic cigarette be utilized indoors, or in a public station?

In most instances the use of an electronic cigarette indoors is completely satisfactory, due to the fact that it does not emit smoke or substances that are offensive to those around the person. Electronic cigarettes, nevertheless, are still very new, and thus are misunderstood, which leads certain business owners to refuse people the right to use them. From a health standpoint they are harmless to use indoors and around others, but it really depends on the establishment’s tendency towards the products.

Electronic cigar companies market their products as being safe to use indoors, and by the numbers, this claims seems to be correct. It is more up to the establishment’s personal feelings towards the products, and accordingly it is their right to either accept or disallow the use of an electronic cigarette inside their area of business.

For more information regarding this content, there are forums and city ordinance websites that can help you better conceptualize the realities surrounding these products.

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