PTSD And Relationships Affect Each Other

PTSD and relationships affect each other. How we relate to others in situations is the cause and the aftermath of this illness. It can affect the relation to the self and others. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is known as a mental illness that anyone can acquire if exposed to the right scenario.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is caused by how we deal with the stress of a traumatic situation. A person can be raped, mugged, kidnapped, suffer from domestic violence or otherwise be abused and will likely suffer from this illness. Fire fighters and army vets suffer from this illness as they are also exposed to something scary. It is therefore caused by our interactions with other people.

People who have this illness can experience many different symptoms. There may be persistent nightmares, flashbacks and their heart could start pounding. Every person reacts this way to a life threatening and stressful event. These symptoms become an illness once they do not subside after a while.

The way a person relates to his or herself is affected by this illness. Overwhelmed by the sensations of this illness, the person has less time to be his or her normal self and may view his or herself differently.

The way a person relates to others is affected by this illness. A person could, for example, remind the sufferer of what he or she experienced. Any reminder of the event could lead to avoidance of the reminder or resentment.

PTSD and relationships can happen as a result of the other. A person who experienced a life threatening event with another may change how he or she understands and relates to others, things and even others. The illness creates change in the person and due to coping, the person may change his or her relations with another or the self, If you would like to support others with this illness, it is best to offer support. Read more about: ptsd and relationships

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