Strategies for Preventing Acne

Most people with acne try to treat their blotchy skin with creams, face washes, natural soaps, lotions and treatments. However, the easiest way to treat acne is by altering your diet and shunning acne-producing items such as fried food. A healthy diet, rich in natural unprocessed foods like vegetables, fruits, grains and beans is the first bit of advice for curing acne.

Foodstuffs containing trans-fatty acids, milk, milk products, margarine, shortening and man-made hydrogenated vegetable oils, as well as oily foods, should consumed. It appears that the high occurrence of acne in the United States is exacerbated by the typical American diet. Americans typically eat fried food in large quantities, usually cooked in the most damaging of fats and oils.

However, not all fats are bad, but the fats that average Americans eat make them more prone to get acne and other skin problems. Products that can irritate are ice cream, cheese, bacon, chocolate and milk. Furthermore, acne can’t actually be cured using creams and soaps because the root cause of the problem is beneath the skin.

Pimples, spots or zits and blemishes are produced by bacteria and other irritants lying beneath the skin’s oil glands and hair follicles, which are usually produced by insufficient hygiene, scratching or squeezing and poor diet.

This poor diet may be caused by too high a proportion of items such as processed, fatty, fried and sugary foods in your diet. A diet that is healthy for your skin must consist of raw and lightly cooked vegetables, especially green, leafy vegetables that contain valuable trace minerals and fibre. Fresh green vegetables are essential, but you should also include lean protein sources and complex carbohydrates, like rice, whole-grain bread and potatoes in your diet.

These fibre-rich foods will help ensure a healthy gastrointestinal tract, which is so vital to the management of acne. You should eat three healthy meals daily in order to provide you with sufficient vital nutrients and lower your craving for sweet or/and oily, fried food.

You should eat more foods that are rich in vitamin A, such as apricots, watermelons, and broccoli, as well as lean beef, lentils, nuts, beans and whole grains, because they are rich in zinc, which can also be helpful in reducing acne breakouts. It’s also imperative to drink lots of water to help flush the poisons out that contribute to acne.

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