Preparing With Essential Doomsday Prepping Gear

Some people believe that there is an end coming to our current way of life. The change may be due to severe weather changes, war, or a complete break down of the government. One thing in common with all these believers is their preparedness. Gathering doomsday prepping gear now is at the top of their list for survival.

Shelter is the first thing to consider. Food and water will come next. The reason is once you know where you will be, everything will fall into place. If at all possible choose a location that has fresh water available. Also having a place where crops can be grown or possibly raise live stock can mean survival instead of starvation in case the emergency last for more than one season.

Next is water and food. Bottled water is the next best thing to fresh water. Food to have stored is anything dried, dehydrated, store canned, or home canned. Include other things such as spices and oil. Balance is important because you may not be aware of an allergy you have to an item, so be able to rotate what is eaten at meals. Also include ‘feel good’ foods such as hard candy, chocolate, and other sweets. These can be a huge psychological pick up during times of stress or to just keep children happy at times.

Teach everyone in your group how to use weapons and assess threats. Security is going to be important. Know that you may not be in danger from just looters but possibly wild animals.

Your first aide kit should resemble a miniature medical kit. In addition to bandages and aspirin, have pain medication and antibiotics. Sun screen is also handy. Have cough medicine and medication for diarrhea. Include a first aide manual.

Bartering is something many do not consider. However, trading a bottle of drinking alcohol for medicine may save a life. Of course you can trade from your stockpile of supplies but add other items that people in your area may need or want. Extra blankets, books, or even the candy you have saving for a raining day can be traded for items. Get creative.

Not ever one can dash out to the countryside and purchase large parcels of land for shelter. Living in an apartment does not mean you need to pack it all in and wait to die of thirst or starvation. Urban dwellers can still store enough food and water to survive the first week or two which provides enough time to find more or move to a safer area.

What ever foods you store, do not have anything that is dependent on electricity because the power will probably be out. Also have bleach in case you need to purify your water. Hygiene is going to be just as important during this time, so have a good supply of thick garbage bags that can be stretched over the toilet then bunched up and put out of the way after use. This will prevent contamination of food and water or the spreading of disease. Have an evacuation plan put together and once it is safe to leave the city, have a location you know you can go to for shelter.

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