Prayers For Humanity To Make Your Soul Pure And Clean

Religion has importance of prayer and it is necessary and essential in every religion. It is the most direct and closest way to communicate with God. When a person prays he have faith in God that he is listening to him and it looks like we are just talking to another person here. Prayers for humanity is a very powerful way of communicating with God because when you pray you can share all your feelings and emotions with God and you don’t need to hide anything from him. And it is not necessary to tell your feelings to God by words you can communicate with him through your inner soul as well which is more powerful than words.

Gandhi has said that it is scientifically proved and tested that prayers have the power to minimize the heart issues, blood pressure remains stable and it gives many other healthy advantages. There are many other studies which proved opposite so it is not possible to scientifically prove that whether prayers help us or not.

Prayer contribute enormous advantages to a man because it enables him to gather his thoughts with God while he prays. The person who prays with regularity can understand the true meaning of prayer. Prayers are in different words and it is done in a way that when you start praying regularly you will be able to share the feelings of the person who prays.

Educated citizen are aware of his rights. This brings him to build habit of getting everything from world as a matter of his right. He starts taking rights from properties of his parents, and he start claiming for rights of equality, liberty, opportunities and security from the state. He wants society to give him equal justice and social treatment. In this race he forgets that there are other people who don’t have same advantage because of their race, nationality and percentage.

An individual fail to know his focus what you don’t have. Our demands brings us to just think to claim it from the world. And all material resources of world are very limited and everyone cannot get it and this means if a person gets the other person loses. So there will always a conflict among the people in claiming who the right owner of the material resources is.

Outcome of compassion and love is increase faith in God and humanity, and this brings with a great change in humanity because you don’t look people as your competitor who is waiting to destroy you but it helps you to bring intentions and emotions of compassion and love for each other.

Prayer is the direct communication between man and god. The person who pray can always pour his heart before prayer, and it helps him to tell his guilt and seeks for his forgiveness and God is the most merciful he loves his people so he forgives man which clarify his soul.

The most direct and personal connection can only be achieved through prayers for humanity. Peace and hope can be brought in a man’s life by praying on a day to day basis. Prayer makes a person pure from inside just like a newborn. Peace, love and joy in life can be brought by clear actions of a man.

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