Performing Reiki Tampa For Beginners

These days, Reiki Tampa is known to be a very effective way to heal the body without going for conventional medicine. Basically this healing process uses certain types of energies that the earth projects in order to help the body heal itself. If one has just taken up a class in Reiki and would like to use it, here are a few steps on how to properly perform it on a patient.

One must take note that simply performing this on people is an extremely dangerous practice because he might not exactly know what he is doing. For this reason, it is actually essential that one learns from a real expert so that he will know what to do. Even if he researches about the art and does his homework, he will not be able to perform properly unless he learns from a master.

If he already knows the basics, then he may now perform the basic therapy on some patients. First, he will be needing a massage table so that his patient may be able to lie down on it. Now the therapist must first ask the patient whether he would want to receive therapy because if there is even a slight resistance, the therapy will not work.

Since Reiki is all about transfer of energy from one body to another, then the body of the one transmitting the energy must be healthy. Now in order to make sure that the body is healthy, then the mind must be equally healthy as well because this affects the energy. So in order to keep the mind and body healthy, it is very important to do meditation before each exercise.

Now the whole essence of the therapy would lie within the symbols that the practitioner would be using on the patient. Now just to give an idea of what the symbols to be used are, the most common ones are the power symbol, distance symbol, mental symbol, balance symbol, and the master symbol. Of course in order to use them, one must first have some background on the art.

With these symbols, one will now be able to feel some energy flowing into his body that he can transmit to his patient. Now the way to know if one has acquired energy or not would be to check if there is a cooling sensation within his body and hands. He will also feel his hands somewhat vibrating which means that there is energy present.

After that, all he has to do is place his hands on the body parts of the patient. Now he must leave his hands on the body parts of his patient for just about one or two minutes. He should put a lot of emphasis on the back because it is where the spine is.

So basically, this is how to do basic Reiki Tampa therapy. Now one must make sure that he learns from an expert first otherwise he will not be able to do therapy properly. If he attempts to do it without any background, he might do more harm to the patient than good.

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