Learn How To Help Someone With PTSD

Individuals who have gone through a traumatic experience often feel anxious, scared, disconnected and sad. Over time, these feelings might fade and they may be able to move on and live a normal life. There are times when the traumatic experience is so overwhelming that the person may have difficulty in moving on. If you are aware of a person in this situation, you should find out how to help someone with PTSD.

It is often not only the sufferer of the event who is affected, but those who witness it as well. It may adversely affect everyone who has to deal with the aftermath of such an incident, such as the police and medical workers. The friends and the family members of the person who has suffered the trauma could be affected too.

There are various symptoms related to this condition, depending on the person involved. One of the main symptoms is where the person will re-experience the traumatic event through nightmares and flashbacks. They will avoid places, feelings or activities that may remind them of the trauma. They may have difficulty sleeping and may be irritable. They may have sudden outbursts of anger.

If you suspect that a someone close to you is suffering from this condition, it is essential that you get help for them right away. The longer it takes to confront the condition, the more difficult it will be to overcome. If depression and anxiety is being experienced, it is possible for them to get treatment in the form of medication.

Arranging for therapy, not only for the person suffering the disorder, but for family members could help. This will enable the family members to try and understand what the sufferer is enduring. It will improve communication and understanding between family members.

Hard work and patience will be a requirement if you wish to commence the task of how to help someone with PTSD. Through therapy and a gradual exposure to the feelings and situations that bring back the memories of the trauma, the person may overcome their anxiety. There are often distorted and irrational thoughts regarding the incident, and work will have to be done to replace these with positive, balanced thoughts. Read more about: how to help someone with ptsd

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