Our Food Preferences Can Boost Or Knock Our Health

Today’s fast paced society that we live in has given us lifestyle diseases and problems. Obesity is one of the nagging problems faced by majority of people in our society. How many of us watch what we eat?

Any doctor will tell you that eating fish is very healthy. The omega 3 fatty acids contained in the body of the fish are good for our health.

If you consume sushi in its original form with very little seasoning it is very healthy and good for your body. However consuming sushi rolls, which are coated with sauces and cheese etc, may not be a good option.

Some of the sushi preparations are steeped with oil and fat which is something one must avoid. Hence it is advisable to stick to very minimalist seasoning and simple preparation of sushi or tuna salad etc.

Do you buy dried fruits and use them in place of fresh fruits? This may not be a good option, for the dried fruits contain more sugar and give you more calories than the fresh fruits. The processing companies add other preservatives and sugars while processing them. It makes sense to use fresh fruits wherever possible.

If you though granola bars are good for your diet. Think again. They contain added sugars, which makes the bars loaded with additional calories. It is always better to make your own bar, which is easy. You can mix oatmeal with fruits, nuts and natural sweetener like honey to go with it.

Next time you wish to order veggie burgers, please watch out. They can contain high calorie items like cheese and white sauce etc, which give you very high calories.

As compared to meat burgers, veggie burgers may not be that bad in terms of the fat and calories. The major damage contributors are the cheese slices and the dressing used in the veggie burgers that add to the calories. It is always better to consume minimal quantities and choose other alternatives.

Eating right is the key to feeling good. So choose healthy foods, which may not necessarily be good to your taste buds but are good for your body.

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